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Fantastic experience to interact with these amazing animals. Very informative about their care etc. Would defiantly reccoment this over the dolphin interaction at discovery cove

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 05 Oct, 2015

Before taking part in the interaction program I was a bit unsure of what to expect. When we met with the trainers we were taken around the back of SeaWorld where we talked about Beluga whales and we saw some of the basics of how they look after the Belugas. Then we got to do the interaction which was an amazing opportunity. It was worth every penny. We were given changing rooms, a locker and a shower - which is great! I definitely recommend the beluga program.

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 28 May, 2015

I would totally recommend everyone who is going to visit Sea world to do this you will never forget it it is so special from the moment you check in and for the rest of your life or if you are like us until you go back again in three year's so that you can do it again they are amazing mammal's that capture your heart .

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 11 Sep, 2014

would have been better if the photos were better and the communication between the trainer was nicer more relaxed just seemed routine what they say...

4 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 17 Jul, 2014

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 09 Mar, 2014

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 05 Sep, 2013

Absolutely amazing and fascinating experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity- an absolute must!! It is essential to book in advance too, due to the limited number of participants each day- this makes the experience truly unique to you too. Your friends and family can even watch the interaction from the Wild Arctic bridge and take pictures for you, Seaworld also takes professional pics you can buy as well. I wish I'd booked to do it twice during my stay!!

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 21 Aug, 2013

My wife and daughter did this attracton and considered it an absolute privalidge

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 23 Jul, 2012