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A full day of wildlife action and adventure!

Spend a day with Australia's craziest critters at Australia Zoo, made famous by the Crocodile Hunter himself, Steve Irwin. You will experience Australia's ultimate wildlife adventure and conservation destination.

Our guide to Croc Express - Australia Zoo

Visit the home of the famous 'Crocodile Hunter', the late Steve Irwin. The Zoo remains a living legacy to Steve and his conservation efforts. With over 1,200 animals and stacks of free shows, it’s a full day of wildlife action and adventure.

Get hands-on with cuddly koalas, waddling wombats, slithering snakes and cute kangaroos. Come face to face with majestic tigers and get your photo taken with a baby alligator. There are animal encounters galore, beautiful grounds with exotic gardens, shops and a fabulous food court.

See the African savannah and gasp at exotic animals such as giraffe, rhino and zebra living together on a wide open plain. Marvel at the zoo’s gorgeous cheetah on their daily exercise walk and join snakes, colourful birds and crocs LIVE in the world-famous Crocoseum.

Get your adrenalin pumping as you see a crocodile launch a strike from the water’s edge, witness the joy of the free-flight bird show and visit the sick and injured animals in the wildlife hospital.

Enjoy transfers to the zoo in air-conditioned coaches from hotels in Brisbane or the Gold Coast:


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