Bollywood Parks™ Dubai

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Step into this spectacular world where, for the first time, guests will enjoy cinematic rides, dazzling entertainment, authentic Indian cuisine and shopping, all spread over 5 themed zones inspired by some of the greatest Bollywood movies.

Our guide to Bollywood Parks™ Dubai

Action, adventure, romance, comedy, music, dance, flavour and emotion. Bollywood Parks™ Dubai is a first of its kind theme park showcasing the authentic Bollywood experience.

A celebration of Mumbai’s legendary film industry, Bollywood Parks™ Dubai recreates the Bollywood experience through themed attractions and rides spread across five zones: Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza and Bollywood Film Studios featuring Hall of Heroes.

Covering 1.7million square feet, Bollywood Parks™ Dubai will have up to 20 live shows across seven stages: Rock On!!, Crossroads, Mumbai Express, Rangmanch, Stars on Steps, Cinema Circle and the iconic Rajmahal Theatre, a 850-seater that will be home to a Broadway-style Bollywood musical.

The park will also offer six themed restaurants that capture India’s mouth-watering culinary as well as eight retail outlets stocking quintessential filmy fare.


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