4 Popular Incentive Travel Destinations for a Lavish Experience


Companies are always looking for ways to motivate their employees and reward those that produce the best results.

And while bonuses are still a very effective way to go about doing that, incentive travel is another growingly popular option that has its own unique set of benefits.

For instance, unlike bonuses, incentive travel is much more inclusive and gets the entire office involved, which can be a huge morale and motivation booster in itself.

What’s more, the journey provides unique opportunities for team building and improving office cohesion, which can offer benefits that reach far beyond just the reward itself.

But in order to reap all the benefits that incentive travel can offer, you must first figure out the destination that will get everyone excited.

Figuring out where to go requires not only an idea of what you want to do but careful budget considerations as well.

So, to help you get started, here are four of the hottest incentive journey destinations that you can’t go wrong with.

London, England

London has always been a popular destination for incentive trips because it has all the necessary features – a vibrant city, business ties, and excellent accessibility from anywhere in England or the world.

As you probably already know, London is one of the busiest and most exciting cities in Europe, so you’ll never run out of things to do, places to visit, or experiences to share.

And since London is so easy to reach by plane or any other means of transportation, organizing a trip will not only be more convenient but likely more affordable as well.

But while London is mostly known as a business hub, it has an incredibly rich history as well, which dates all the way back to Roman times.

The cultural and historical landmarks make London a place that will always provide plenty of opportunities for having a good time with your colleagues on a trip.

You will have your pick trying to decide what to do, and this abundance of activities will make it easier to include corporate team building in London as part of your plan, which will add even more value to the trip.

Barcelona, Spain

You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who wouldn’t want to go to Barcelona – it’s a city that attracts millions every year with its unique architecture, the rich art world, incredible food, and gorgeous scenery all around.

These same reasons make Barcelona a great incentive trip destination as well – when you announce it as the city that you’ll be going to, you can be sure that your employees will need no additional motivation for reaching their goals.

But Barcelona isn’t just great for leisure travellers – it’s one of the most important business hubs in the region, so you’ll have no problem combining corporate or team building activities with the vacation.

Whether you decide to explore the inner city or want to focus more on nature and beaches outside of it, you can’t go wrong with what Barcelona has to offer.

Vancouver, Canada

Plenty of North American cities have their own charm, but few can compete with the mix of rich city life and breathtaking nature that Vancouver has to offer.

The city itself has all the amenities that you’d expect from a bustling west coast metropolis – great dining and shopping options, rich cultural life, plenty of top-class hotels, and many business facilities and venues that can cater to even the most demanding needs.

But the area where Vancouver really separates from most other cities is its nature – the breathtaking parks of Canada provide endless hiking and exploring opportunities, which can become the highlight of your trip.

And you don’t have to go far away from the city – the Coast Mountain Range is visible from the downtown of the city and provides a beautiful contrast with the high-rising skyscrapers that are part of the city’s business district.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan has been a lucrative corporate destination for decades, but it can be just as suitable for incentive travel as well – being one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the world, Tokyo has something to offer for just about anyone.

In fact, Tokyo can be the perfect place to combine leisure and business activities – it’s one of the most prominent centres for various business and tech conventions, as well as leading conferences on various subjects.

So you could use the incentive trip to form new partnerships or just learn about the latest developments in your field if you take the time to plan it around a time when a conference in your area is taking place.

But since Tokyo is such an old and culturally-rich city, you can’t visit it and ignore its history.

One of the most fun and memorable activities you can do with your coworkers is learning more about Japan and its unique culture.

Even seemingly simple activities such as a traditional tea drinking ceremony, sushi preparation lessons, or even an introduction to the art of Japanese calligraphy can all help to understand the local culture better and enrich the experience of everyone involved.

These types of activities can work very well for team building as well – learning new things together helps people become more comfortable around one another, and the newly formed personal relationships are sure to translate to the workplace as well.

Add in the spectacular natural attractions, and Tokyo can provide you with a trip that has it all, so if you can afford it, you will definitely not be disappointed by your choice.

Make Use of Professional Incentive Travel Agency

While any of these cities can be an excellent option for your incentive trip, just picking the right destination won’t guarantee your trip is a success.

That’s why you should always consult a professional incentive travel agency or at least a venue finder – they can help you navigate the foreign city and plan a trip that goes smoothly and helps you reach the goals that you set out.

Author Bio:

Sarah Hill is a content writer at Seven Events Ltd – one of the leading event management companies in the UK , providing conference and incentive travel, conference venue finding services, and corporate team building services. She started her career in the events industry almost a decade ago; as time progressed she became an avid event blogger sharing her insight on corporate event planning.