5 Hacks to Find Cheaper Flights with Norwegian Air

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Flying to Europe can be a lucrative deal as the place offers great views and tourist attraction places that people come to enjoy every year.

However, if you’re new to flying, then it’s important that you make sure to not make a bigger hole in your pocket.

Using some tips (or hacks) can help save a lot on your overall travel budget when you’re flying with Norwegian Air.

The airlines company is the best pick for budget travelers that also offers special discounts to travelers flying during the winter seasons.

Flying with Norwegian Air can also be a great choice if you’re flying to the following destinations:

  • Austin
  • Denver
  • Boston
  • Hartford
  • Las Vegas
  • New York
  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Seattle

Best hacks to get cheaper deals on Norwegian Air:

Hack #1: Use Their Website for Booking

Booking flight tickets with flight booking websites can be a great choice for many, but have you ever tried booking with airlines company websites?

Well the answer from many of you can be a no as we have a tendency that the comparison websites offer better deals, but booking flight tickets with airlines company can be even more better choice.

The first reason for booking with airlines company is that they always have updated ticket prices available for the passengers.

In addition to it, you always have a trust that you are not paying any brokerage for the third-party websites.

No matter how much of discount the third-party websites display for flight tickets during the search, the moment you try to book, you will be paying an increased amount.

The reason here is the service charges at the time of preparing your final bill.

So the next time you book flight tickets for Norwegian Air, make that extra effort to visit the airline’s official website for ticket booking.

And trust me; you will surely save at least few hundred bucks.

Hack #2: Book Connecting Flights

If you are a budget traveler, your sole aim should be saving on the flight tickets as most of your travel budget may be going in flight tickets only.

So, when booking tickets online, make sure you go flexible with the types of flights.

For example, if you’re flying somewhere that involves a transfer, make sure booking connecting flights instead of direct to your destination. This can save you a lot on ticket bookings.

It is important that you should not book tight layovers to avoid missing your next flight. I repeat: do not book layovers that are hours apart!

There should be minimum two hours gap between the flights.

First do your research about the different options available for flight ticket prices and then make a smart choice with connecting flights.

Additionally, you may also get a chance to explore a place without spending too much on the flight tickets.

For example, if you have a stopover at Munich when flying to Zurich, you may enjoy your five-six hours stay at the Munich without any additional cost. You can explore the local areas till you have the next flight.

Hack #3: Find Cheapest Places to Fly

Another way to save on your Norwegian Air is to look for the cheapest places where best deals are offered by the airlines company.

The flight tickets are set depending upon the number of people flying to the destinations.

For example, if the Munich receives more visitors than Zurich, the ticket prices for Munich will be more than Zurich for sure.

And, also make sure you book tickets with the same airlines company as this may leave you in great trouble.

For example, if you have a connecting flight and you booked with two different airlines.

Because the airlines have no association with each other, the next airlines company will take no responsibility of the delay or your loss due to the delay.

If you booked with a single airlines company and the first flight gets delayed that results in you missing the next flight, the airlines company will make every possible effort to let you board the next available flight without any additional cost.

Hack #4: Go Flexible With Travel Dates & Time

When looking for Norwegian Air flight tickets, it is smart that you do not stick to the particular dates for flying.

Being flexible with flying dates can be a smart choice for budget travelers.

If you are flexible with your flying dates, you can find much better options on flight tickets that may be available at very attractive.

Being flexible with time is also a great choice to save on flight tickets as the flights that fly during the early morning are more expensive than those that fly during the dark hours.

This will save you nearly half of the price you may spend on your flight tickets.

When looking for flight ticket booking online, do not select a specific date for your departure.

Instead select the entire month to know which is the cheapest time to fly so you can save on the tickets.

Hack#5: Use Flight Points When Possible

Norwegian Air is the best choice for budget traveler, not just because it offers cheap flight tickets to travelers but also because it allows the passengers to use flight points, especially for the frequent fliers.

So, if you fly regularly with the airlines company, make sure using the free points available in your account.

This will save the amount you will pay for the flight tickets. When booking cheap flight tickets, the best bang for your buck is to use your points.

Final Words

When booking Norwegian Air flight tickets, it is important that you compare flight tickets on different flight booking websites.

Of course, booking from the company website is always the best choice but a little time spent on research never harms your pocket.

In fact, it can save you a lot on the flight tickets. Being flexible with the dates and travel time is additionally smart choice when you have a tight budget.

Through the above-mentioned hacks, you can save on your flight tickets by spending a small time on research.

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