7 Amazing Attractions to visit with Kids in Dubai

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Are you planning a holiday with your family to somewhere nice?

Are you looking for a break from your daily life just to spend some quality time with your loved ones?

The idea of a perfect vacation varies from one person to another as the perfect vacation for parents would be a place which has a lot of enjoyment and entertainment for their kids.

Lucky for you there is once such place that will totally suit you.

Dubai is a one-holiday destination that has absolutely everything that you need for a vacation.

You can look for different Dubai family outing places and things to do in the city with your whole family.

So if you have made up your mind to explore Dubai this holiday season, here are the 7 most amazing sites in Dubai that you can visit with your kids:

  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

As the name of the place only suggests this zoo is totally different from any other you might have visited.

Dubai Aquarium and zoo is an underwater attraction situated below the Dubai Mall.

It is among the largest aquariums in the world and is one of the most fascinating places in Dubai especially for a kid.

You can also avail the boat tour of the entire place from one corner to another.

Also, your children can have an even clearer look into the wild as they can go inside the tanks with an expert, watch these animals up close, feed them and other related activities.

  • IMG World of Adventure

To add more excitement and craze to your trip you can take your kids to one of the best indoor theme parks in Dubai.

The park is all about cartoon characters and adventures for kids.

The set up of the theme park is beyond imagination and is enough to make your kid’s day. Here you will find plenty of options to keep your kids entertained.

So don’t forget to make a stop at the IMG World of Adventure.

Checking all the places on your list can be much easier if you have a vehicle of your own especially when you are travelling around Dubai with a toddler.

In such situations, you can always rent a car. You can check online for rental services such as EasyRentCars to make your travel much easier.

This is a good option as you can pick and drop off according to your convenience.

  • Dubai Dolphinarium

What can be more adorable than taking your kids to see the friendliest mammal on the planet?

Dubai Dolphinarium is a very popular family attraction and indoor entertainment site.

You along with your kids can see amazing performances given by dolphins and seals.

The fun at the Dolphinarium isn’t just restricted to mammals; you can also watch the creek park bird show.

If you are in Dubai with your kids add this place to your bucket list. You can book your shows beforehand from its website.

  • Legoland Dubai

Legoland is the ideal place for a kid to be in Dubai.

At Legoland, kids can do a lot of fun activities such as learning how to drive a children’s car, ride on different thrill rides across the indoor and outdoor setup areas like castles.

Here your kids can treat their eyes with various Lego-sized models of Dubai’s major skyscraper and places such as The Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Road, and the Dubai airport made entirely with lego.

With the parents help children can live their dream of saving a burning building as a gaming activity and they can enjoy the wave racer water rides.

  • The Dubai Fountain

If you are roaming in the streets of Dubai with your family you should check out the beautiful fountain which is a common tourist site and the reason for its popularity is that is not just any fountain but the largest in the world.

Once you see the water dancing in front of your eyes you won’t be able to take your eyes off them.

Such places are usually crowded so you should take care of the safety and comfort of your baby.

When in such places you can use a stroller so that your toddler stays cozy and undisturbed and while you travel from one site to another in a car using a car seat for kids is a very safe option.

There are e-commerce stores one like mamas & papas that deal specifically in children products. You can buy any important travel accessories and even more for your kid from this store.

  • Dubai Ice Rink

It is located inside the Dubai Mall and is an interesting spot for kids. It will be an altogether different feeling for your kids when they will be standing over an icy surface in Dubai.

This ice rink is for kids of all age to come and give skates a little try.

There are trainers to teach them how to do it.

Not just skating here your kids can also learn ice hockey with fun.

You and your family can organize a DJ party as well.

This place is a good choice because at the ice rink your kids cannot just enjoy themselves but also learn something new.

  • Miracle Garden

If you think that Dubai only has adventure parks and gaming zones for your kids to visit, then you probably have only seen one side of Dubai.

Apart from these places, it also has other places that will soothe your soul like the Miracle garden.

If there is only one thing that will make a kid feel happy it has to be fresh scented flowers.

The Miracle garden is a natural flower garden with millions of beautiful flowers and the decoration of the garden is theme based which changes every year.

Here you and your kids can relax and please your eyes with colourful blossoms.  


It becomes somewhat necessary that every once in a while you skip your routine to chill plus the holiday trips these days are way too much fun than it used to be.

You can choose from countless destinations to take your kids at. But if you are coming to Dubai with a baby you can take them to these listed places and make this trip their best one for a lifetime.

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