7 Creative Ways to Exhibit Travel Memories at Home


Memories made whilst travelling are considered some of the most priceless you can have.

Maybe you cherish that once in a lifetime holiday with your parents, or maybe you travel somewhere twice a year, or maybe you even backpack around the country whenever you get the chance?

No matter what kind of traveller you are, all the memories you make on those trips are irreplaceable. 

Is sticking photos into albums just not doing justice to all those travel memories?

Why not organise them in a way that is both unique and fun?

To help you do this, we have compiled a list of some creative ideas of how you can store and exhibit your travel memories at home.

1.Travel Themed Gallery Wall

What’s a better way of remembering your travel memories than dedicating a wall to them?

Designing a travel themed gallery wall is a great idea for you to display your memories for everyone to see and enjoy.

It’s not only a great idea for preserving those good times in a frame, but also makes a great piece of art in one corner of your home. 

How to do this? 

Start with compiling things you have collected from your travels – even something as small as a bus ticket that reminds you of a great moment you had on your trip.

Then select the specific souvenirs you would like to frame and the frames you want to feature.

You could also consider adding some framed travel quotes between your souvenirs to make the gallery wall more interesting. 

2. Postcard Journal

Postcards will never go out of style and they are certainly one of the most meaningful souvenirs you can collect on your travel journey.

Therefore, why not send them to yourself? Write about your travels of a destination on the postcard and send it to your home address – creating a fail safe way of documenting your travels.

Together they will create a visual reminder of all the places you have been and you have yourself a postcard journal from every city or country you travel!

Postcards can be easily found in the majority of travel locations and are also inexpensive to purchase and send. 

3. Travel Keepsake Kit

This is one of the simplest, yet most interesting ideas of keeping all of your travel memories stored in a safe place – a travel keepsake kit.

Label each box after every country or city you have been to, and inside you can store everything you brought back from that particular destination.

This can include everything from photos, tickets and souvenirs – to postcards, recipes, and anything else you collected on your journey.

We recommend wooden boxes as they are affordable, but you could even get as creative as you like and customise the box by painting it.

4. Utilise Maps

Maps are a great and inexpensive way of exhibiting your travel memories at home.

They can be easily collected as most hotels or hostels offer free maps to tourists.

Whilst travelling you can mark the map with places you’ve been to, and could add notes about the experiences you have had in those places.

When you get home, you’ll have a map with all your memories of the trip which you can frame and hang on a wall in your house.

A scratch-off travel map is another great way of documenting your travels and makes for a great display item for the walls in your house. 

Alternatively, another great idea is a pin map – where you can colour code pins for the places you’ve been, then another colour for the destinations you want to visit.

It makes up for an artistic and creative display piece which is easily made. Just buy a regular map and display on a cork pin board!

Alternatively, you can also use map posters – for example, if you took a trip to Chicago, you could buy a Chicago map poster and frame it at your home.

5. Collect and Display

If you simply collect a single object from every city or country that you visit, you will end up with items from all the places you visited.

This idea is not only hassle free, inexpensive and practical, but is also a great way of cherishing memories of different destinations.

For example, most people choose souvenirs to collect like fridge magnets, postcards or beer mats – but you can collect just about anything!

You could collect coins, maps, food wrappers, restaurants menus, tickets, receipts, mugs, bracelets, pebbles – the possibilities are endless!

6. Make a Scrapbook

A scrapbook is one great way of bringing all your travel memories together in one place.

If you are someone who is crafty, then designing a scrapbook would most definitely be a fun activity suited to you.

This is a great way of capturing all your memories in style – you can get as creative as you want!

A scrapbook can contain anything that reminds you of your travel journey including photos, plane tickets, bus tickets, receipts, maps, paper menus, food wrappers, and the list goes on. There are no rules when it comes to making the perfect scrapbook, so just paste things however you like.

7. Memory Jars

A simple yet effective way of organising and preserving your travel memories is a memory jar.

You can use any jar such as a mason or jam jar, and fill it with objects, photos or anything that you have collected from a destination.

Label the jar with the name of the place and you got yourself a memory jar!

These jars also make up for a good piece of decoration around the house – you can either keep them on a side table, a bookshelf, or other places where they can be used as both exhibits of your travel memories and a decoration piece. 

We hope these are some interesting ideas that you can use to exhibit great memories of your travel journey at home.

Try them for yourself and you’ll find out how fun it is to create them and how good they look around your house!