Top Things to do at Kew Gardens with Kids 

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Kew Gardens Greenhouse
Explore one of London's most fabulous gardens...

Just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of central London, but what unarguably feels like a world away from the city, is the magical paradise of Kew Gardens. Witness the natural beauty of the floral world in all its glory, as you step inside the gates and experience a wonderful garden adventure. 

A long-standing hit with families, Kew Gardens is the perfect place for a day out with your kids. Your little ones will love exploring the hidden wonders of the natural world, right there on their doorsteps. The attraction has been created with tiny hands and inquisitive eyes in mind, as our top things to do at Kew Gardens with the kids shows. 

Visit the Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden at Kew Gardens is most likely one of the first places you’ll visit during your trip to the attraction with your family. The recently opened area has been especially designed for kids between the ages of 2 and 12, and features over 100 trees spread over an area the size of 40 tennis courts. 


Children's Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Photo by Andrew Curtis.

Your little ones will love exploring all the natural delights as you let them safely run wild around the hidden adventures that await. You’ll also find a 4m high canopy walk wrapped around a 200-year-old Oak tree in the very heart of the Children’s Garden. 

The area is split into four distinct sections - the Earth Garden, Air Garden, Sun Garden, and Water Garden. Each garden has a plethora of different things for children to interact with and explore, including a splash pool, hammocks, a bamboo tunnel, and even candy floss grass! A fantastic sensory experience for your kids.  Separate time-allocated booking is currently required for the Children’s Garden. 

Count the Tree Species 

Did you know there’s over 14,000 trees at Kew Gardens? The vast collection represents over 2,000 species, and while you might not be able to count them all, you and your family can certainly give it a good shot! 



Head to the Arboretum, a vast space spanning two thirds of the gardens and home to these spectacular trees. Your kids will love seeing the colours change throughout the seasons while they learn more about their favourite species. The mighty giant redwoods - the tallest of which stands at 40 metres - will impress even the littlest eyes. 

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Be Inspired at the Kitchen Garden 

A great learning opportunity for your children, the Kitchen Garden is home to a variety of edible plants and produce. The seasonal crops are a fantastic way to show your kids where their meals come from, and the exciting new fruits and vegetables that await their eager taste buds. From May to September, you can even purchase some of this sustainably grown produce in one of Kew Gardens Garden Sales. You may even find some inspiration for your next family dinner. 

Take a Walk Through the Treetops 

Bring your kids closer to nature and allow them to walk among some of nature’s most impressive trees. The Treetop Walkway towers 18 metres above Kew Gardens, offering a unique view of these spectacular living things.


Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Once you’ve climbed the 118 steps and roamed among branches, head back down to earth and marvel at the amazing sculptures carved from the tree trunks. There’s also a path that leads you further down into the ground to the Rhizotron, an underground lab constructed to study the soil of the area. Your little ones will be able to learn and play, while taking in some breathtaking views. The Treetop Walkway is currently temporarily closed. 

Enjoy a Family Picnic

Did you know that Kew Gardens allows picnics throughout the area? Make the most of the beautiful outdoors and pack a picnic to enjoy with your kids in the warmer months. This is a great, cost effective way to make the most of your family day out, and keeps your little ones breathing in the fresh air for even longer. 

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AttractionTickets.Com Top Tips for Visiting Kew Gardens with Kids 

Choose your entrance wisely - There’s various ways to enter Kew Gardens, depending on how you are approaching the park and what your method of transportation is. If you’re planning on heading to the popular Children’s Garden first, the Elizabeth Gate entrance is the best entrance to use.

Consider public transport - Kew Gardens offers free parking to all of its visitors, however during busy periods this tends to fill up quickly. Arriving via public transport is a great alternative; Kew Gardens is a short walk or bus ride away from Richmond train station, which has fast and regular links to central London. 

Pack for all weather - We all know how temperamental the Great British weather can be, so make sure you come fully prepared. Even if you’re visiting during the colder months, some of the greenhouses can still get particularly warm, so wearing multiple layers during your visit is recommended. If coming over the summer, pack sun cream! You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors.

Download the buggy route - If you’re bringing a stroller, Kew Gardens has a handy downloadable buggy route to help you easily navigate the area, hassle free. Save the map to your phone prior to your visit and don’t get caught out.

Encourage interaction - While kids aren’t allowed to pick anything living, they are allowed to pick up and take home anything that has naturally fallen to the ground. Encourage your little ones to start a collection of their favourite finds from Kew Gardens, making for wonderful memories. 

Bring your bottles - The staff at White Peaks (the café nearest to the Children’s Garden) are able to heat up any baby bottles you might bring, so don’t hesitate to ask them if you need it. There are also baby changing facilities in Kew Gardens, making the area a fantastic family friendly attraction. 

Kew Gardens - A Year Round Attraction

If you’re wondering when is best to visit Kew Gardens, the answer is quite simple - any time! The natural beauty of the area changes throughout the seasons, as the flora and fauna grow at different stages. There’s loads of indoors and outdoors activities, meaning you can enjoy the space whatever the weather, too. We recommend a visit at the turn of each season, so you can see the diversity of the gardens in all its glory. 

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our Kew Gardens attraction tickets and start planning your outdoor adventure now!

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