Busch Gardens' Falcon's Fury Drops in on the 1st May!

Busch Gardens' Falcon's Fury Drops in on the 1st May!
The dates are in....but do you dare?
SeaWorld Parks have officially unveiled the date the thrill seekers amongst you are all waiting for! Indeed, Busch Gardens' guests will experience the fury of the falcon in just a matter of months! The chilling, thrilling, stomach plummeting, record breaking Falcon's Fury drops into Busch Gardens on the 1st May!

Admittedly, we are having slight heart palpatations just thinking about this 335 foot tall drop tower ride, that sits at the heart of Pantopia - the themed area that will make home to  Busch Gardens' Falcon's Fury. Those of you that have purchased your Orlando attraction tickets and are heading out to the theme park capital as of May this 2014 will now have to deal with the ultimate question....'Do you dare to ride?' 

Falcon's Fury

As thrill seekers and particular fans of Busch Gardens, the ultimate haven for the adrenaline junkie, we say this ride is an absolute MUST! Not only for the thrills and chills of this swooping drop tower, but for the beautiful views the falcon will treat you to when you're 300 feet up high in the sky - providing you manage to keep your eyes open! Yes, 300 feet is so high that you'll be able to see Miami, Atlanta and even Florida's breathtaking beaches.

Busch Gardens' Jeff Hornick, Director of Design and Engineering (a.k.a Awesomeness and Epic rides) describes Falcon's Fury as 'the closest experience to sky diving without having to jump out of an aeroplane'! Of course, we wouldn't expect there's too much time to hang out and enjoy the vistas from this birds eye view. In fact, to be precise you'll be suspended between 1 and 5 seconds - depending on the fury of the falcon that day -  then it's back to free falling down that looming tower!

Take a look at Busch Gardens' Falcon's Fury webisodes and start gearing yourself up for this amazing new attraction at Busch Gardens.


Falcon's Fury arrives at Busch Gardens on the 1st May, so prepare yourselves Thrill Seekers and get your hands on those all important Orlando attraction tickets ASAP!

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