Get Your Geek on in California

Get Your Geek on in California
They say ‘the geek shall inherit the earth’...
Even if your bookshelves aren’t full of graphic novels and you don’t have replicas and figurines in display cabinets, you can’t have escaped the impact that comic books and sci-fi have had on recent popular culture. You’ve probably even enjoyed a movie or two along the way. Face it, geeks are cool.

So if you are off to California and the Comic Con isn’t on, here are our top 4 things we think you should check out for your geek fix…


Iron Man

Assemble yourselves at Disneyland in California for this zone dedicated to the Marvel movie universe that has been exploding and evolving through blockbuster movies every year since the release of Iron Man in 2008.

Fans can explore exhibits such as the evolution of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits in the Hall of Armour, or meet a god after travelling to another realm to come face-to-face with Thor himself. There are plenty of movie props and interactive activities to make Avengers fans of all ages feel super!


ET prop

Universal Studios alone is a haven for geeks, with the movie-themed rides and attractions, characters, props and replicas scattered around the park (including a DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies) to gawp over.  However, what we recommend (not just for geeks, but for everyone) is the VIP Experience. It offers so much more than the regular tour, with exclusive behind-the-scenes access. Guests can stop and get up close to the sets that the regular tour passes through. VIP guests can actually disembark at the infamous Bates Motel to grab some quick snaps whilst Mother isn’t looking. Perhaps even more exciting is the Prop Warehouse, where you can get your hands on thousands of props from the silver screen – many of which you may recognize.

After this incredible day at Universal Studios, it’s worth stopping by Things From Another World at Citywalk to pick up any comics, graphic novels or other such memorabilia to add a nice geeky cherry on top of your tasty geeky cake.



The biggest, geekiest, blockbuster movie saga is only getting bigger, with The Force Awakens being perhaps the highest-anticipated movie this year. Luckily, Star Wars fans come in all ages and they will all love what’s going down at Disneyland during their Season of the Force celebration (which is running until 26th May 2016).

The Star Wars Launch Bay is as packed as a Tauntaun’s insides with interactive intergalactic experiences, featuring characters to get up close with, to replica props, exclusive videos and exciting games. Even some of Disney’s regular rides have had a Star Wars takeover, such as the temporarily-named ‘Hyperspace Mountain’, where you are propelled through space amongst a battle between Rebel Alliance and Imperial starfighters. There’s still Star Tours to enjoy, with a new planet on the tour, and young Jedi can learn to use the Force at the Jedi Training Academy.


The Warner Bros Studio Tour is a fantastic experience, which involves taking you through iconic movie backlots and visiting sets from award-winning shows, such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory. But the biggest thing for us geeks is the Batman exhibit. The Studio Archive has been transformed into a bat cave, full of gadgets, costumes and cars from all seven Warner Bros. Batman movies, including Commissioner Jim Gordon’s Bat Signal and the late, great Heath Ledger’s Joker costume and props.

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