A Guide to Knott’s Berry Farm

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A Guide to Knott’s Berry Farm
The ‘original’ California theme park!
This 57-acre theme park is full of fun, thrills and famous food! Check out our ultimate guide to Knott’s Berry Farm to find out why it’s a must-visit…

If you’re a serious theme park fan, you might have already heard of Knott’s Berry Farm. If you haven’t, don’t worry! Knott’s Berry Farm is an incredible theme park filled with a mix of family friendly attractions and high adrenaline coasters. It’s also considered California’s original theme park, having been welcoming guests for more than 100 years. That’s longer than even Disneyland California or Universal Studios Hollywood

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If you’re wondering what you can expect from a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm, let us fill you in. Knott’s Berry Farm is primarily a theme park, so you’ll find lots of amazing rides and attractions. That’s not all though. There are also fun, themed areas and several shows you can enjoy during your visit.


Knott's Berry Farm


It’s located in the Buena Park area near to Los Angeles city and not far from Anaheim. Its name comes from the original use of the land, which was once a real berry farm. The Knott family progressed from selling berries, berry preserves and pies to opening their very own restaurant selling chicken dinners on the land. Soon after that, the restaurant and farm became a popular tourist draw and Mr Knott decided to build a replica Ghost Town to entertain visitors.

As the attractions grew, the family began to charge admission and the park grew into what it is today. So, what can you do during your visit? We’ve put together a guide to the parks best rides and attractions to give you some inspiration…


Roller Coasters

Lots of them! Knott’s Berry Farm is home to nine world-class roller coasters, ranging from child-friendly rides to attractions that will get your heart racing. Silver Bullet is a 2-minute roller coaster ride you definitely won’t forget in a hurry. It sends you climbing up to a height of 146-feet before racing back down again into a track full of inversions! You’ll face a spirals, corkscrews and a cobra roll, turning upside down 6 times- one which includes a giant vertical loop of 105-feet.


Knott's Berry Farm


Xcelerator The Ride is another epic attraction at Knott’s Berry Farm. If you’re brave enough to take it on, you’ll go from 0-82 mph in just 2.3 seconds as you fly 205 feet into the air before immediately plummeting 90-degrees back down again!


Hangtime at Knott's Berry Farm


Hangtime is the first and only dive coaster in California, towering 150-feet over the Boardwalk area. It boasts a 96-degree drop, 5 gravity defying inversions and top speeds of up to 57mph. The ride also transforms at night, with vibrant night-time track chase lighting offering a totally unique (and somehow even scarier!) experience.

GhostRider is a ride you simply can’t leave the park without trying. This ride is in the Ghost Town area of the park and it sends you soaring 118-feet above this historic town. It is the largest attraction at Knott’s Berry Farm and also holds the record for being the longest, tallest and fastest wooden coaster on the West Coast! Climb aboard your mining car before hurtling along the track, facing 14 hills and loads of air time.


Water rides


Knott's Berry Farm log ride


When you want to cool off from the heat, you can try out one of the park’s top water rides. Timber Mountain Log Ride opened at Knott’s Berry Farm back in 1969 and has been a popular attraction with guests ever since. To this day, it’s still one of the most elaborate log flume rides in the US and that’s why we think it’s a must-try. You’ll travel along a twisting 2,100-foot waterway at speeds of up to 12-feet per second before splashing down a thrilling 42-foot log flume!

The park’s former BigFoot Rapids ride has recently undergone a transformation, turning it into the all-new Calico River Rapids. This fun, water ride sends you through Calico in search for a new land. Look out for animatronics, themed show scenes, dynamic water effects and wild surprises along the way and be prepared for a serious soaking!


Family Rides

If you’d prefer to take it easy on some family-friendly rides, there’s plenty to choose from. Everyone loves the popular ‘teacup’ rides but at Knott’s Berry Farm, there’s a twist. Hat Dance is a colourful ‘teacup’ style ride that sends you spinning in a vibrant sombrero!


Knott's Berry Farm


The Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars let you partner up to take on the rest of your group in a bumper car adventure. This is one we’re sure will get competitive pretty quickly, much like the park’s Voyage to the Iron Reef ride. This is another attraction that pits you against each other as you compete to get the highest score on an underwater adventure where you’ll have to use a ‘freeze ray’ to blast menacing 3D creatures. These rides are great fun for the whole family.

You might also want to try the Butterfield Stagecoach for a journey back in time that gives you a taste of the park’s fascinating history.



If you’re visiting with little ones, you’ll want to head over to the Camp Snoopy Theatre. This is where you’ll find Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and the rest of their pals. They’ll be brining music and lots of fun to the park and this performance is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. For more Snoopy fun, check out Space Beagle, which sees the world’s most famous beagle become the first dog on the moon!


Camp Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm


The Wild West Stunt Show: Frontier Feats of Wonder is an incredible, action-packed show that you won’t want to miss. This old Western show has it all, from fistfights to gunfights and everything in between. You’ll be amazed at the impressive stunts that are performed right before your eyes. Make sure you don’t miss it.


Food & Drink

There are lots of places to eat at Knott’s Berry Farm with something for everyone. There’s pizza, burgers, BBQ chicken, soups, salads, sandwiches and much more. Our top recommendation though, has to be Mrs Knott’s Chicken Dinner restaurant. This opened in 1934 with Mrs Knott and her children serving the first customers, so we think it’s the perfect place to go to get a true taste of Knott’s Berry Farm. Plus, the food is delicious and is still made with Mrs Knott’s famous recipes!

If you need to quench your thirst, head over to the Calico Saloon. You’ll find alcoholic drinks like beer, wine and punch, as well as refreshing boysenberry cream soda.


If you’re planning a visit to California, we really think you should add Knott’s Berry Farm to the top of your ‘must-do’ list. If you’re not staying nearby there’s no need to worry about transport as you can purchase tickets that include transfers from either Los Angeles or Anaheim. So, if you’re not renting a car, you can still get to the park easily.


Ready to try out these amazing rides? Click here, to get your Knott’s Berry Farm tickets.

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