Have a Baby? Here is the list of things you need to pack while Traveling!

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Have a Baby? Here is the list of things you need to pack while Traveling!

Traveling with a new born baby is quite a tough task, every parents need to go through once in their life. There are few things which you should take with you to enjoy the trip with the new born baby comfortably. You must adhere to some unwritten rules in order to have fun during your trip as well.

Not sure about you but yes most of the people in the world are those who always forget something at home while going to travel. So, here is the list of things which you should always carry when you are going for a trip or a tour, especially when you have a kid with you. This list will help your which things you should have in your bag and should not be forgotten.

So here is the list of things you need to carry for the comfort of you as well as your kid. Always remember right now you are also in the healing stage.

  • Diapers: Always remember to carry disposable diapers as you will not get place to wash the nappies everywhere.
  • Toiletries: Several towels to avoid any unwanted problem, Socks, Bathing suit (not Bikini), etc.
  • Sleeping bag: This time make it a big one as you and your kid both needs to get in that one together.
  • Camping Chair: AT the time of breast feeding you need a camping chair or an inflatable arm chair. So don’t forget this one. It is a must, may be it doesn’t look like that way right now but it is, trust us.
  • Pillows: The baby is small and need support to stay at one place. Be thoughtful and bring some extra pillows for the same.
  • Baby Carriers/ Wraps/ Slings:You and your husband are human, so it is normal to get tired while carrying the baby in arms. Hence carry either slings or wraps or a baby carrier to make the journey easy. It will give space for the baby to move their arms in legs while being held and will take the load off your hands as well.
  • Warm Clothes: You never know what the condition of weather is and when the weather will change. After pregnancy the body of female needs more care as one more life is dependent on you. So, carry enough pairs of warm clothes with you.
  • Phone charger: Phone charger is most important to keep with you when you are going to a trip. Phone is very necessary in today’s life even to pick up a bus, to book a hotel room or for much more things. It can help you out in any kind of emergency.
  • Shampoo and conditioner: People usually forget these little things which can create big problems when you go for travelling at a place where you can’t find such type of things. So, remember to pack them as well.  
  • Make up: Babies tends to kiss or lick their mom’s face a lot. So try to bring the make-up items which do not hurt the baby if they lick or taste your face.
  • Adult Diapers: Your body is still adjusting, and this one thing is something which most of the females forget to carry. Don’t be like them and pack few pairs to stay comfortable.
  • Camera,make up remover, Towel, Razor, Toothpaste and brush these are also very important things when you are going to travel. Don’t forget them too.

These are some things which your baby needs, however there are still some things which you need to carry for yourself with the baby in the tow. These are the things which can make you travel easier. Whether you are traveling in a bus or a car also keep a check what you are bringing. Babies need a lot of attention.

Author Bio: Lisa K. Cheney is a professional maternity, family portrait and newborn photographer who is also a mother to three beautiful kids. She has been gracefully juggling between the roles of a photographer, mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Life has always been a challenge for working mothers and she has mastered the art of being her own kind of perfect with all the imperfections.

Family Travel

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