Which Las Vegas Foodie Tour is For Me?

Neon Lights & Savory Bites , Las Vegas
Which Las Vegas Foodie Tour is For Me?
Indulge your taste-buds and treat yourself to a foodie tour in Las Vegas.
There’s a range of culinary experiences to be had in Vegas, all thanks to Lip Smacking Foodie Tours.

So, you’ve booked the holiday to Vegas, picked out which show you’re going to see...but what about food? While the City is known for its amazing culinary experiences, it can sometimes be hard to navigate all that it has to offer, especially on your own. What’s more, all the best restaurants and tables are often booked weeks - if not months - in advance! 

Luckily, Lip Smacking Foodie Tours are great and award-winning activities to include as part of your holiday, especially if you’re a major foodie (who isn’t?). Their tours all include a dedicated Las Vegas local guide, who will take you round a selection of the best food spots in the area and give you a fabulous walking tour in between stops. You’ll also bypass any queues at these establishments, and bag the best, most sought after tables in the house. 

Lip Smacking Foodie Tours sell a range of tour packages, each differing in their offerings. To help you pick which one(s) to book, we’ve broken down each package for you.


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Afternoon Culinary Adventures

Stops: Four

Length: 2.5 hours 

Best for: Those who want a casual but exciting introduction to Las Vegas’s finest cuisine. 

Beverage package available to add-on.

This tour takes place over the afternoon, which is perfect if you’ve just flown into Vegas and still want to keep the evening free for your own leisure. Accompanied by an expert local guide, you’ll explore some of the city’s best-known restaurants, enjoying a full meal at each consisting of appetisers, entrees or desserts. Feast on 10+ dishes, and ease yourself into the Las Vegas food scene.  


afternoon culinary adventures lip smacking foodie tours


Savors of the Strip

Stops: Four

Length: 3 hours

Best for: Elegant evening diners who want to immerse themselves in Las Vegas’s dinner vibes

Beverage package available to add-on.

It’s not often that you get to visit four fantastic restaurants during Las Vegas’s prime evening dining time, but during Savors of the Strip, you’ll do just that. Tuck into a wonderful meal at each stop, and witness true Vegas-style luxury. Of course, you’ll be treated to the best seats in the house, and stuff yourself with 12+ opulent dishes.


savors of the strip lip smacking foodie tours


Neon Lights and Savory Bites 

Stops: Four, plus a helicopter flight

Length: 5 hours 

Best for: Special celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, and anyone who wants to make their Las Vegas holiday extra special. 

Beverage package available to add-on.

Take to the skies in this experience, which combines the Savors of the Strip tour (described above) with a unique, luxury helicopter flight over the lights of Las Vegas. After finishing your food, you’ll board a world-class helicopter, complete with huge leather seats and wraparound glass for optimal viewing. Of course, there’s a champagne toast too, making you feel like Royalty on this special evening. 


neon lights and savory bites lip smacking foodie tours


Downtown Lip Smacking Tour 

Stops: Four

Length: 2.5 hours

Best for: Trendy eaters, who want to experience an alternative side to Las Vegas dining

Beverage package available to add-on.

In recent years, the famed Downtown area of Vegas has remarkably rejuvenated itself, and is now home to some of the best attractions - and restaurants - in the City. This tour will take you to some of Downtown’s most trendy and sought-after dining locations, opened by celebrity chefs, and with one in a rather unconventional setting. These are authentic independent establishments, driven by their seasonally focused menus and their clear passion for food.   


downtown lip smacking foodie tour


Lip Smacking Boozy Brunch 

Stops: Three

Length: 2.5 hours 

Best for: Brunch lovers, of course! Groups of friends, hen parties. 

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a boozy brunch? We thought not. This package is one of Lip Smacking Foodie Tours award-winning experiences, and when you see what’s on offer for you, it’s not hard to see why. You’ll dine at three famed brunch spots, feasting on French, Asian and world cuisine. With cocktails included at every location, this is surely going to be the most extravagant brunch you’ve ever had! 

As you can see, these are foodie tours of epic proportions. There’s something to tantalize every person’s taste buds in these experiences, which are well-thought out, luxurious, and always loads of fun. Loosen your belt and settle in your seat - this a foodie extravaganza  you won’t want to miss in Las Vegas.


boozy brunch lip smacking foodie tour


Ready to book your tickets and take part in a Lip Smacking Foodie Tour? Browse all the packages in further detail here.  

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Neon Lights & Savory Bites , Las Vegas