Explore Miami's Art Deco District!

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Explore Miami's Art Deco District!
Take Miami in Roaring Twenties style!
Miami is not only home to pristine beaches, body obsessed sunbathers and plush hotels and nightclubs filled with celebrities. Miami Beach boasts approximately 800 architectural structures constructed between 1920 and 1943 that creates the city's spectacular Art Deco District...

A stone throwaway from Central Florida's Theme Park Capital of the World is Miami, loacted on the southeastern coast of Florida. Miami is another one of Attraction Tickets Direct's favourite cities and one that we would always advise you to visit whilst in the Sunshine State - especially if you want to break up your theme park holiday.

There are many a reason why we adore this beautiful city on the beach. The weather is tropical and balmy, the beaches are perfectly preened with white sands and azure blue waters, the cityscape glistens impressively and the lifestyle is just as attractive as all of the above. The shopping is fabulous, the clubs and hotels are glamorous, the people are alluring and the city, as a whole, is simply charismatic.

However, nothing seems quite as fabulous, as glamorous or as alluring as Miami Beach's unique Art Deco District. Forming the backdrop to this beautiful and buzzing city are endless Art Deco structures in dazzling pastel colours, with sharp edges, perfect symmetry and geometric patterns. Constructed during the 1920s, an era that was just as charismatic and as abundant as its design form, these buildings are emblematic of Miami's character.   

With approximately 800 Art Deco structures of historical importance, each paying homage to the glitz and the glamour of the Roaring Twenties, Miami's Art Deco District was the first 20th century historical district to be recognised by the National Register of Historic Places on the 14th May 1979.  

Anyone with an appreciation for design, particularly of  the Art Deco era, for those that love the opulence and exuberance of the 1920s and have a special affection for the Roaring Twenties - explore Miami's Art Deco District and travel back in time to an era where drinking spots were Speakeasies, the fashion was Flapper, the novel was The Great Gatsby and the dance was the Charleston!

Delano and Sagamore on Collins Avenue

Miami Art Deco District

Colony Hotel on Ocean Drive 

Breakwater Hotel on 10th Street and Ocean Drive

Raleigh Hotel's Poolside on Collins Avenue

Poolside Raleigh hotel Miami

Beacon Hotel on Ocean Drive

Whenever you're in Florida, be sure to head down to Miami and explore this beach city's stunning Art Deco District. Admire these historical buildings during the day with Attraction Tickets Direct's Miami Art Deco District tour and be sure to take your camera with you for amazing photo opportunities. Once you've found your bearings, head out again at night and see this glamorous city come to life in all its glory, glamour and colour - Roaring Twenties style!

Miami , Sightseeing , Florida , Nightlife , Miami Art Deco District , Miami Attractions