The Best Hot Dogs in New York City

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The Best Hot Dogs in New York City
Where to find New York's best hot dogs
New York City has many top attractions and some of the finest hot dogs in the world. But these hot dog locations are the best around.

New York City is known for having great food to just pick up and go, being particularly famous for its iconic pizza and bagels. But NYC is also home to some of the world’s greatest hot dogs, with myriad restaurants, carts and take out services being available. You won’t have to look far for a delicious ‘dog’ during your next trip to the Big Apple, but to help you discover the very best available, make sure you check out the below list of the best hot dogs in New York City, before visiting your favourite New York Attractions.


Sons of Thunder 

Opening as recently as October 2015, Sons of Thunder has quickly established itself as a premium destination for delicious New York hot dogs. Located in the neighbourhood of Murray Hill, their menu is inspired by the West Coast and has put great care into the source and freshness of their ingredients.

Sons of Thunder spoke to us about their hot dogs, telling us that “We use an all-beef grass fed no nitrate/antibiotic/hormone dog with natural casing.

"Our chili cheese dog is our number one seller, comprised of house made chili with three different kinds of whole chili cooked down with ground chuck. Go the extra mile by topping it with our house made horseradish coleslaw.”

Sons of Thunder also expressed their thoughts on what makes NYC the go-to place for hot dogs.

“You can find every kind of dog [in New York], from high end to street dogs. There's a dog for every taste. We have a great history of hot dog eating - combine that with New Yorkers’ varied culinary cultures and you get some really delicious results!”


Schaller's Stube Sausage Bar

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Home to some of the best hot dogs anywhere around, Schaller’s Stube Sausage Baris a must visit at its 1652 Second Avenue address. When asked about what makes their hot dogs so special, Schaller’s Stube responded: “We use only Schaller & Weber sausages. That means we’re getting the most authentic German style sausage, with the best ingredients and wurst making techniques.”

We also asked Schaller’s to recommend a specific hot dog that visitors to New York need to try.

“That’s a tough one because we offer such a variety of flavors. The best place to start is The Classic: a Schaller & Weber Bratwurst topped with sauerkraut and horseradish mustard. My favorite is the Currywurst.”

Finally we asked them about what it is about New York and hot dogs that gel so well together.

“I think you’ve got a city with a lot of European heritage as well as a propensity for eating on the run. That’s how it started. Now you’re adding to that all the culinary creativity coming out of NYC. It makes for some great eating.”


The Cannibal Beer & Butcher

Cannibal hot dogs

This New York butcher’s restaurant knows a thing or two about meat, and is able to boast a menu that is rooted in sustainable meat and seasonal vegetables. The Cannibal Beer & Butcher, at 113 E 29th St, offers everything from large feasts to shareable family options, and this local gem is also a wonderful spot for some of NY’s finest hot dogs.

“Our Cannibal Dogs 2.0 is the second version of our original Cannibal Dogs,” the Cannibal explained when speaking to us. “The original was inspired by the Detroit Coney Dog classic dog - a beef frank with beef & beef heart chili, yellow mustard, and chopped white onion.

“The Cannibal Dogs 2.0” features an all-beef frank served ‘tiger-style’ (an ode to New York’s rap band, Wu-Tang Clan), with beef & tripe chili in the style of MaPO Tofu, a classic Szechuan dish. It comes topped with cilantro, scallions, crispy shallots, and spicy Chinese mustard. It’s a homage to all of the Great Cultures of New York and a bit of an upgrade from a classic dirty water dog.” 

If you stop by The Cannibal Beer & Butcher at Happy Hour, you can grab yourself one Cannibal Dog, a shot of bourbon, and a beer all for $15.



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Fetlman’s, located at 80 St. Marks Place in the East Village, with a second location in Coney Island, is as worthy of its place on this list as any other. We spoke to Feltman’s, who told us a little about their history and what makes New York such a great spot for eating hot dogs.

“Our founder, Charles Feltman, invented the hot dog in 1867. You won't find a better quality or tasting hot dog than ours. Grabbing a quick hot dog for a walk around town has been a NYC way of life since 1867.”

There are an array of great options at Feltman’s, but the establishment itself recommends to us a truly unique hot dog named after a truly unique individual.

“Al Capone used to patronize the original Feltman's Restaurant. We have a hot dog called the Al Capone with vodka sauce and cheese. It's a knockout!”


Katz's Delicatessen

This incredibly popular spot for tourists is well worth the wait if you are in the mood for some of New York’s most delightful hot dogs. Katz’s Delicatessen at 205 East Houston Street has a dense history of its own, starting all the way back in 1888 before moving to its present day location during the construction of the subway system.

This legendary deli is home to all manner of delectable grub, including their ‘Best of New York’ all-beef Frankfurter which goes for just $3.95. And with chilli dogs also complementing the menu, Katz’s is a spot to mark down. 


New York City


Danish Dogs

Denmark is also a huge fan of the hot dog, making this coming together of worlds the perfect place for a dog in the Big Apple. Danish Dogs can be found in the southwest corner of Grand Central (in the Great Northern Food Hall), and is truly the place to be for traditional Danish hot dogs.

Danish Dogs’ head chef, Jonas Boelt, told us what goes into making their hot dogs so wonderful.

“We do everything in house- we make the buns, the condiments, the sausages, everything. You don’t see that anywhere.

“We think about each component as a dish- we think about the flavors combined within the sausage to be complementary, and in addition our suggested toppings are also harmonious with the sausage. If you pulled everything apart, these flavor components could work in a fine dining restaurant.

“New York is famous for hotdogs and pizza. Street food here can be either really great or really bad. To make something with a Danish influence that is part of the fabric of NYC food culture- that’s so exciting. New Yorkers expect the best and we think Danish Dogs are a little different but also extraordinary.”

Jonas has also kindly given us some ordering advice, revealing his personal favourite hot dog.

“I love the kvik, the chicken sausage. I just love the pickled green tomato relish with apples and tarragon. Those flavors are incredible together.”


Mile End Deli

Before taking a trip up to one of New York’s famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building, make sure to check out Mile End Deli at 53 Bond Street. Noah Bernamoff’s Montreal-style Jewish Deli is famous for its poutines and brisket, but when in search of top dogs, Mile End’s ‘Hoyt Dog’ should certainly be on your bucket list. This all-beef frank served with relish, kraut, and potato roll is one of NY’s finest and the rest of their menu isn’t anything to dismiss either.


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