Exploring New York Through Food

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Exploring New York Through Food
ATD's guide to eating your way around the Big Apple!
Here are some of the best New York restaurants you should keep an eye out for during your visit to the Big Apple

A undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, part of the appeal of New York is that it looks to offer something for all types of visitor. This statement is certainly apt in the case of the array of restaurants nestled into the bustling city streets, with the different cuisines allowing you to taste the world. To help in your quest, here are some of the best New York restaurants you should keep an eye out for during your visit to the Big Apple.

L&B Spumoni Gardens

A family-run eatery set in the heart of Brooklyn, L&B Spumoni Gardens, has been a popular choice for fans of Italian cuisine since 1939 and is renowned as among the best New York restaurants. Now in its fourth generation, the restaurant is best known for its spumoni, a moulded Italian ice cream that incorporates various different colours and flavours. However, in recent years the menu has grown considerably to provide a host of favourites from Italian cooking including pasta primavera, a range of pizzas and traditional Bolognese made the way it should be.

How much does it cost?

Pasta dishes start from just $11.95, while a whole pizza pie will cost you just $15. Go to their website to view their dining room and takeaway menus.

Burger Joint

No trip to New York is complete without the taste of an authentic burger and that’s exactly what you can experience at Burger Joint. Burger Joint have two venues in the city, a cash-only restaurant hidden below the Le Parker Meridien and another that recently opened in Greenwich Village – both of which hold a reputation that places them among the best burger restaurants in the city.

How much does it cost?

In the Le Parker Meridien venue, hamburgers cost just $8.50, while a cheese burger will set you back £8.96. The Greenwich Village outlet is cheaper in comparison at just $7.50 for a hamburger and also provides an extra option of bacon. There’s also French Fries and whole pickles available to complete the authentic New York burger experience.

Polo Bar NYC

For a stylish lunch over which you can plan your attraction tickets in New York, be sure to take a trip to the Ralph Lauren Polo Bar. The first ever restaurant to be opened in the city by the esteemed clothing name and only the third in the world, the eatery on 1 East 55th Street looks to uphold the label’s reputation for class and sophistication, perhaps indicated by the smart dress code that all diners have to adhere to.

How much does it cost?

Although caviar and fingerling potatoes will cost $125, there are plenty of other affordable options on the menu; the Polo Bar Burger costs $24 and Ralph’s corned beef sandwich will set you back just $22. Head to the main website to see the individual menus.

Keen’s Steakhouse

Should you be crying out for the perfect steak, the menu you’ll be presented with at Keen’s Steakhouse won’t disappoint. Open since 1885 and standing as the only survivor of the Herald Square Theatre District, it offers the chance to explore the real history of the city while enjoying a beautiful steak. Another reason to visit is the collection of churchwarden pipes, where tens of thousands of them line the walls and ceilings of the establishment.

How much does it cost?

Diners can expect to pay $118 for the privilege of a chateaubriand, while the legendary Keen Mutton Chop costs $51. If you would rather enjoy a cheaper option, choices like Miss Keen’s Burger and Steak Tartare command prices of $16.50 and $16 respectively. See the lunch, dinner and pub menus on the website ahead of your trip.

Katz’s Delicatessen

As the location of that famous scene from the 1989 blockbuster When Harry Met Sally, Katz’s Delicatessen is today considered one of the most iconic delis in the world and certainly among the best New York restaurants. A no-frills, cash-only establishment on the corner of Houston and Ludlow Streets, it’s the best place if you fancy a corned beef or pastrami sandwich. Plus, if the restaurant isn’t too busy, you can even sit in the very same seat used in the aforementioned scene – there’s a big sign right above it!

How much does it cost?

With a reputation for being the best in the city, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the corned beef sandwich costs $15.95. Other features on the menu include chicken noodle soup at $5.45 and the cheeseburger at just $6.25.

Le Bernardin

Boasting no less than three Michelin stars, Le Bernardin is the establishment to go to if you’re seeking the pinnacle of fine dining New York restaurants. Opened in 1986 by French siblings Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze, it brings the incredible taste of French seafood to the heart of the Big Apple and it’s an experience that’s sure to become the highlight of anyone’s trip to the city. As you would expect from a restaurant with such class and prestige, the presentation of each and every dish is engineered to perfection in order for the fish to become the star of the show.

How much does it cost?

A three Michelin star experience does come at a price, with the set menu for the three-course lunch and four-course dinner costing $80 and $140 per person respectively. There are also tasting menus available, which start from $205 per person!


If you're looking for the perfect way to start your day in the city, a trip to IHOP is exactly what the family needs. Having crafted their now world famous pancakes for a staggering 54 years, they’re the people to turn to if you want anything from brioche French toast, buttermilk pancakes or even steak and eggs.

There’s also a range of sandwiches and burgers available, so IHOP is the perfect place to visit whatever time of the day.

How much does it cost?

A cinnamon swirl brioche French toast will cost you less than $8, while the berries and cream waffle is priced at around $6.50. With the most expensive item on the menu being the T-bone steak and Eggs at $14.29, it’s a great choice for a cost-effective family meal. Click here to check out the menu. Then why not treat yourself to a helicopter tour of New York with all the money you’ve saved?

Pies and Thighs

Finally we have Pies and Thighs, a name whose awards include Best Donut in New York, Best Biscuits in New York and Best Fried Chicken – all the more reason to pay them a visit yourself! Inspired by Classic American, Mexican and Californian cuisines, the menu offers everything from the fried catfish sandwich and chicken waffles to the traditional American breakfast with buttermilk biscuits and grits. While the original venue is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a new venue opened earlier this year on Canal Street, Lower East.

How much does it cost?

It’s another experience which won’t break the bank, with the fried catfish sandwich just $10 and the egg breakfast just $8.50. Click here to take a look at the full menu.

These are just some of the fantastic restaurants you could discover during your visit to New York. By combining these with the array of attractions tickets offered through Attraction Tickets Direct Ireland, you can create an experience you will cherish forever.

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New York , Eating and Drinking