Try Something Different in New York City

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Try Something Different in New York City
Looking for something a bit different?
Discover breath-taking views, incredible landmarks and even one of the wonders of the world on these great alternative city tours…

There’s so much to see in New York City that it can be hard to know where to start. Instead of waiting in long queues or finding yourself lost in the Big Apple, why not try sightseeing with a difference? If you’re looking for something completely unique, these fantastic tours will transform your trip into something truly unforgettable! Check out 7 of the best alternative tours New York City has to offer:


Big Apple Helicopter Tour:


Big Apple Helicopter Tour New York City


What better way to see New York’s most iconic landmarks than from the sky? Soar above the city in a helicopter for the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience and get ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple. You’ll be able to admire Manhattan’s impressive skyline as well as the famous Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Make sure you look out for Lady Liberty standing tall and the incredible Empire State Building in the distance. Your amazing 15-minute journey will give you a unique and breath-taking perspective of this spectacular city and is definitely worth doing if you have the time. This is an extremely popular tour for our customers, with many telling us it ended up being the highlight of their holiday, so make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment!

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THE RIDE New York City:


THE RIDE New York City


THE RIDE isn’t your average sightseeing tour, with a side facing view of the city through floor to ceiling glass windows! Combining your sightseeing adventure with a comedic performance, this has been described by the Today Show as “the hottest way to see New York”. Along the way you’ll learn all about Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, Central Park and Carnegie Hall to name just a few, from your guides as well as the state-of-the-art interactive technology on board. Take in the sights of this captivating city and watch fantastic live street performances along the way on this fun filled one-of-a-kind tour.

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Bike Central Park Tour:


Bike Central Park Tour


Central Park is huge, spanning over a staggering 843-acres! You may think that there’s not too much to see in a park but with this one you’d be wrong. There's plenty worth seeing, and a bike tour will make it much easier for you to get around. An experienced guide will also be on hand to take you to all of the best spots. As one of the most filmed locations in the world, there are plenty of locations from movies and TV shows that you can stop off at, as well as Strawberry Fields, Central Park Zoo and The Mall to name just a few. Your guide will also take you to some of the lesser visited sites like Cleopatra’s Needle and the Shakespeare Garden. Central Park is stunning at any time of year whether its blooming with vibrant greenery, layered with crisp autumn leaves or coated in fresh white snow, so make sure you check it out!

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A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour:


A slice of Brooklyn pizza tour New York City


Pizza is a dish that New Yorker’s hold close to the heart, and when in the city you really need to indulge. With so much choice, a guided walking tour dedicated to this culinary masterpiece will help you find a slice of the best. Discover the history of Pizza from Italy to Brooklyn as you get the chance to visit local restaurants like Grimaldi’s which has a reputation for being the best pizzeria in the city! Tuck in to thick crust pies and slices oozing with mouth-watering mozzarella. In-between savouring delicious servings of pizza, you’ll be shown a selection of locations around Brooklyn that have been used for filming famous movies such as Goodfellas and Saturday Night Fever.

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TV & Movie Tours:

Gossip Girl-


The Met Museum New York City


Experience what it feels like to live a day in the life of your favourite Gossip Girl characters. Walk in the footsteps of the charming Chuck Bass, daydream inducing Nate Archibald, or fashionistas Blair and Serena, as you explore over 40 locations used for filming the show. Your friendly tour guide will tell you all of the behind-the-scenes information you need to know and there’s even a chance to win a prize on board! Visit Dylan’s Candy Bar to stock up on chocolate covered gummy bears, see where Chuck planned his countless schemes at The Empire Hotel and command the attention of your minions on the steps of the Met. This tour is a Gossip Girl fan’s dream, but even if you’ve never seen an episode, you’ll enjoy exploring the city as you pass popular buildings like Grand Central Station and the New York Public Library.  

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TV & Movie-


TV & Movie Tour New York City


If you’re looking for a bit more action how about a TV and Movie Tour? You’ll get to travel all over New York City while stopping at over 40 iconic locations. Head to Columbus Circle to see where parts of Enchanted and Ghostbusters were filmed, Washington Square Park where the action packed scenes were shot for I am Legend and Fifth Avenue to recreate the classic opening scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. One of the most popular locations on the tour is a stop at the famous Friends building, the perfect place to snap a selfie! 

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Niagara Falls Day Trip by Air from New York City: 


Niagara Falls Day Tour from New York City


Did you know that you can visit Niagara Falls from New York City in a day? You might have thought it wasn’t possible but with a Niagara Falls Day Trip Tour you can go beyond the city and discover one of the beautiful natural wonders of the world! What’s even better, is that there’s no planning necessary as it’s all been done for you. You’ll take an early morning flight and cross over into Canada where you’ll be taken straight to the falls. Depending on the time of year you’ll either take an exciting boat ride or a scenic tunnels tour behind the cascading falls. Admire the jaw dropping sight of 750,000 gallons of water rushing over the edge every second! You’ll be treated to gorgeous panoramic views as well as a delicious buffet lunch. Make sure you’ve got your camera with you as you’ll want a keepsake of this unforgettable moment.

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Niagara Falls Day Trip by Air , Big Apple Helicopter Tour , Holiday Lights & Movie Sites Tour , NYC TV & Movie Tour , Central Park Bike Tour , THE TOUR New York City , New York , Fun , Shortlists , Inspiration