Amazing Film Locations You Can Visit in New York

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Amazing Film Locations You Can Visit in New York
Must-visit movie locations!
Step inside the movies and visit iconic locations that feature in some of the most famous films of all time…

If you’re a film fanatic, you’ll be in your element in NYC! Hundreds of popular movies and TV shows have been filmed in the city, so why not make time in between all of that sightseeing, to visit some of the iconic locations you’ve seen on screen? Whether you’d like an experienced guide to take you on a TV and movie tour around the city and reveal all of the behind-the-scenes secrets, or you’d prefer to explore for yourself, there’s plenty of recognisable spots that you can visit. What’s even better, is that searching for the famous landmarks and buildings from the movies, offers a great way to get to know the city! Check out our pick of the movies and TV shows filmed in the New York, and the top filming locations that are definitely worth a visit…


Seven Year Itch: Marilyn Monroe


Seven Year Itch Marilyn Monroe


Going back in time to 1954, the Seven Year Itch was being filmed in the city and Hollywood superstar Marilyn Monroe was the leading lady. Even though filming was due to begin at 1am, plenty of photographers and fans turned up and lined the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the icon. Everyone has seen the famous pictures of Marilyn standing over a subway grate when a gust of wind suddenly lifted up her white dress. If you want to recreate the moment for yourself head to Lexington Avenue.

Location: Lexington Avenue (between 51st and 52nd Street)


Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

Breakfast at Tiffany's Tiffany & Co store


If you’re planning on doing some serious shopping in the Big Apple, 5th Avenue is the place to go. There’s something for everyone from souvenirs, jewellery stores and luxury designer brands. One stop you must make on your shopping trip, is the flagship Tiffany & Co store that features in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The dazzling window displays are worth the trip alone. If you want to visit the apartment where Holly Golightly (played by the famous actress Audrey Hepburn) lived, the Upper East Side is the place to go.


Tiffany & Co shop- 727 5th Avenue and East 57th Street

Holly Golightly apartment- East 71st Street (Between Lexington Avenue and 3rd Avenue)




Friends Apartment New York City


Even though the majority of the Friends episodes were filmed in LA, fans can still visit a number of locations that featured in the popular sitcom. The most famous spot has to be the apartment block that Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey called home. Exterior shots of the building are shown in almost every episode and if you head to 90 Bedford Street, you can see it for yourself. Unfortunately, there’s no Central Perk coffee house to stop for refreshments but you can stand outside and get your photo taken at one of the show’s most recognisable locations.

If you want to pick up some souvenirs, head to Rachel's workplace at Bloomingdales and then stop by the Lucille Lortel Theatre to see where Joey regularly performed.


Friends apartment block- 90 Bedford Street

Bloomingdales- 1000 3rd Avenue, 59th Street and Lexington Avenue

Lucille Lortel Theatre- 121 Christopher Street




Rockefeller Roof Gardens New York City


The 2002 Spider-Man movie featuring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson was filmed all around New York City, offering plenty of locations to explore. Ride the Roosevelt Island Tramway, where dramatic scenes took place when Spider-Man had to choose between saving Mary-Jane or the passengers on-board, or stop by the Flatiron building which features in countless movies and TV programmes and acts as the Daily Bugle headquarters.


The Daily Bugle- 175 5th Avenue 

Roosevelt Island Tramway- East 59th Street and 2nd Avenue


Gossip Girl:


Gossip Girl Tour Metropolitan Museum of Art


Another popular TV series filmed in Manhattan is teen drama Gossip Girl. A tour dedicated to the show will take you all over the city, as you discover what it’s like to live a day in the life of your favourite Upper East Siders. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll absolutely love this tour, as it takes you to over 40 different filming locations that you’ll instantly recognise. Sit on the steps at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, go shopping at Henri Bendel, visit the home and business empire of Chuck Bass aptly named the Empire Hotel, and pass the plush residences of Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald and the Van Der Woodsen’s. Make sure you pick up some sweet treats at Dylan’s Candy Bar too, one of the biggest candy shops in the city selling over 7,000 confectionery creations! We love the chocolate covered gummy bears the most!


Metropolitan Museum of Art- 1000 5th Avenue

Henri Bendel- 712 5th Avenue

The Empire Hotel- 44 West, 63rd Street

Dylan's Candy Bar- 1011, 3rd Avenue

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Sex and the City:


Sex and the City Carrie Apartment


Famously filmed in Manhattan, there are plenty of locations to explore that featured in both the Sex and the City series and movies. If you’d like a bit of help making your way around the city, our guided tour lets you follow in the footsteps of inseparable friends Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda as you visit over 40 different filming locations that you’ll recognise from the big screen. The coach tour shows you video clips of the locations to refresh your memory, before giving you the chance to get out and have your photo taken at the memorable spots. Pass by the New York Public Library where Mr. Big dramatically left Carrie waiting at the altar, indulge in some retail therapy at the Greenwich Village Boutiques, visit Carrie’s beautiful brownstone apartment, and our favourite part- stop off for a delicious cupcake break! The location tours are also great for getting to know the city and spotting places you’d like to revisit later.


New York Public Library- 5th Avenue and East 42nd Street

Carries Apartment- 66 Perry Street and Bleecker Street

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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York:


Wollman ice skating rink Central Park New York


Fans of the hilarious Home Alone films will know that the second movie was actually filmed in New York City. A film that always gets you feeling festive; even if you’re not visiting the city over the Christmas season, you can still get into the spirit by ice-skating at the Wollman Rink. Located in the world-famous Central Park, visitors can skate here right through to April. If you are staying during the holidays though, you can’t miss the towering Rockefeller Christmas tree! Gaze up in amazement (just like Kevin did) as over 40,000 lights sparkle on the dazzling tree! Times Square also features in the movie and is a great place for shopping with most places open until the early hours. You may have noticed the Radio City Music Hall too, which is a historic entertainment venue.


Wollman Ice Skating Rink- 830 5th Avenue (Central Park) 

Rockefeller Center- 45 Rockefeller Plaza 

Radio City Musical Hall- 1260 6th Avenue


When Harry Met Sally:


Katz Delicatessen New York City


The famous restaurant scene featuring Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) was filmed at Katz’s Delicatessen on the Lower East Side. Claiming that their pastrami sandwich is the “undisputed king of New York”, this long reigning deli is the perfect place to stop for a quick bite. You might have a while to wait if you want to sit at the same table where Harry and Sally dined, but the incredible food will keep you busy. Hanging above the table is a sign with the message “Where Harry met Sally…hope you had what she had!”.  Donnie Brasco and Disney’s Enchanted were also filmed here.


Katz's Delicatessen- 205 East Houston Street


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