Tips on Taking Your Kids to New York

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Tips on Taking Your Kids to New York
Best attractions and tours in New York
A guide to the best restaurants, attractions and tours that families can do and visit during a trip to New York City.

New York City is referred to as the city that never sleeps and with a nickname such as this it should come as no surprise that it has something for everyone.

There are so many tours, restaurants and attractions in New York that the whole family can enjoy that it is pretty much a giant playground!

To save you time on deciding where your family should eat, which tours you should go on and the attractions you should visit, we have created a guide to the best restaurants, attractions and tours for families.

American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History was first founded back in 1869 and is now one of the world’s most famous scientific and cultural museums.

The museum has a number of scientific collections and exhibitions, the majority of which will be familiar if you have watched the movie Night at the Museum. There are so many stunning exhibitions that you can see and one of the best for kids is the Akeley Hall of African Mammals.American Museum of Natural History


The Akeley Hall of African Mammals showcases all the large mammals of Africa and this is where the iconic group of eight elephants is based.

As well as the mammal halls, which includes exhibitions on North American mammals, Asian mammals, New York state mammals, primates and small mammals, the museum also has halls dedicated to Biodiversity and the Environment; Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians; Earth and Planetary Sciences; Fossils; Human Origins and Cultures plus lots, lots more.

The museum has a number of temporary exhibitions too so check their website to find out what else you could see!

Go for a spin on Jane's Carousel

Jane's Carousel

If you are looking for classic attractions then Jane’s Carousel, located in the DUMBO section of the Brooklyn Bridge Park between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, should certainly be on your to-do list.

Created in 1922, the carousel was brought to New York in 1984 and slowly but surely it was restored back to its former glory.

Now the carousel has been installed in a stunning pavilion and was opened to New Yorkers and visitors in 2011. The fact that Jane’s Carousel won a best public space award at the Travel + Leisure Awards in 2012 should be enough of a reason to visit, but if that doesn’t tempt you then the fact it has stunning views of Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan should certainly tempt any budding photographers!

See NY from the Sky with Liberty Helicopters

Liberty Helicopters

Holidaymakers looking for tours of New York should look no further than Liberty Helicopters, who offer some of the best New York helicopter tours. Helicopter tour tickets with Liberty are available from Attraction Tickets Direct.

Liberty Helicopters have a fleet of 15 state-of-the-art helicopters that offer visitors the most dramatic sightseeing tours of the city and its attractions.

One of their most popular tours is it’s “the Big Apple tour” as it provides visitors with great views of New York’s most iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Governors and Ellis Islands.

Thrills and spills at Luna ParkLuna Park boardwalk facade


Located on the famous Coney Island, Luna Park is the largest amusement park in New York City and provides holidaymakers as well as locals with the opportunity to experience a variety of family-friendly events and thrill rides, including the historic Cyclone Roller Coaster, the new Thunderbolt Roller Coaster, Soarin’ Eagle, Luna 360 and more.Luna Park Cyclone


Luna Park has over 40 games, rides and roller coasters that are perfect for people of all ages and with the park being located close to the beach and other attractions it really is worth the visit.

This year the park opens at weekends from Sunday 29th March until the Memorial Day Weekend (23rd May) when the park will be open all week long.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

A visit to the Rockefeller Center is a must as the Midtown Manhattan-based landmark is a historic New York sight.

Visitors can shop and dine at the Rockefeller Center, but the adventurous type can explore this stunning landmark by visiting the building’s observation deck on the 70th floor, which is appropriately named the Top of the Rock.

Visitors can ascend to the Top of the Rock during the day or at night, but one thing is for sure: no matter what time of the day you visit you are guaranteed some of the most amazing views of New York.

Central Park

Central Park

Central Park
is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding areas of New York.

The 843-acre park has its very own zoo and a number of open lawns, lakes and attractions to keep you busy.

Bike and Roll New York CityBike and Roll New York City

Another tour that holidaymakers should certainly include on their New York City bucket list are ones from Bike and Roll New York City.

Avoid the traffic and queues that bus tours can bring by considering a bicycle tour with Bike and Roll.

The tour operators have a range of tours available such as the popular Waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Tour. This tour allows you to see lower Manhattan like never before as Bike and Roll’s guides take you on a traffic-free path beside the Hudson River to see attractions such as Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty, as well as taking you over the famous Brooklyn Bridge.Bike and Roll Brooklyn Bridge tour
Other available tours include the Bike Central Park Tour, Waterfront Central Park Tour, Bike the Brooklyn Bridge Tour, 9/11 Memorial Tour, New York at Night Tour and the Bike and Boat Guided Tour.

If you're heading to New York with your family, be sure to check out Attraction Tickets Direct's extensive range of tickets to the top attractions in the Big Apple.

Image Credits: Chesek Akeley Hall of African Mammals ©AMNH/D, Julienne Schaer, Liberty Helicopters, Luna Park, Bart Barlow, Anthony Quintano (, Bike and Roll New York City.

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