Top Tips for Visiting New York City on a Budget

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Top Tips for Visiting New York City on a Budget
Save money in NYC!
Want to know how to visit New York City on a budget? We’ve put together a list of top tips that will help you save money in NYC…

1. Pre-book your attraction tickets:


Statue of Liberty New York City attractions


If you want to save money on your holiday, it’s so important to book tickets in advance. If you wait until you arrive and choose to buy your tickets on the gate, it’s guaranteed that you’ll pay a higher price. Some of our tickets also include skip-the-line entry, so by booking in advance you’ll not only save money but also time, which is valuable when you’re in a city where there’s so much to see. Plus, no one enjoys waiting around in long queues!

New York City is famous for its incredible attractions and it’s likely that you’ll want to see more than just the one during your visit. If this is the case, it’s a great idea to book a multi-attraction pass as these give you admission to several attractions at a reduced price.


2. Save on your shopping:

New York City is a shopper’s paradise! From high-end designer stores to famous department stores and boutiques, there’s something for everyone. A lot of people visiting New York City will have shopping on their to-do list. For those of you who want to indulge in some serious shopping without breaking the bank, the best places to go is the city’s outlet stores. Woodbury Common is one of New York’s most popular outlets and is just an hour away from Manhattan. If you pre-book your Woodbury Common tickets, you won't have to worry about transport as you'll be taken there and back by coach.


Woodbury Common New York City


Boasting over 240 stores and discounts on big-name brands ranging from 25%-65%, the prices at Woodbury Common are unbeatable! Adidas, Coach, Dolce and Gabanna, Swarovski, UGG, Ted Baker, Disney, Gap and Michael Kors are just a few of the stores where you can get some great deals.

If you’d prefer not to travel as far, there are several Century 21 department stores located throughout Manhattan. These huge stores are packed with designer brand clothes, shoes and accessories at amazing prices. Make sure you stop by if you want to find a bargain.


3. Enjoy the city’s free attractions:


Central Park New York City


If you want to see some of the city’s most popular attractions like the Empire State Building, you’ll have to be prepared to pay, although if you’re on a budget you can still see some of the most famous parts of the city. In fact, there’s plenty you can see without spending a cent, like Central Park for example. Spanning over 840 acres, Central Park is one of New York’s most popular tourist spots, with an estimated 25 million visitors each year. Spend some time exploring the beautiful park, admiring the wildlife or visiting popular spots like Strawberry Fields and the Alice in Wonderland statue. You could even pack a small picnic for an inexpensive lunch. There’s always street performers and musicians to keep you entertained too.


St Patrick's Cathedral New York


You can also explore the New York Public Library, Grand Central Terminal and the stunning St Patrick’s Cathedral free of charge. If it’s a nice day, make sure you visit the High Line- an old elevated rail line that has been transformed into a public park. A lot of museums also have certain days of the month where you can visit for free or “pay what you wish” so it’s a good idea to make the most of these.


4. Walk or take the subway:

While the subway may not seem very exciting, it’s a famous part of the city that you must tick off your NYC bucket list. A single fare costs around $2.75 and is one of the cheapest ways to get around. If you’re planning on using the subway often, you can save money on your fares by purchasing a 7-Day Unlimited Pass, which lets you take as many journeys as you like (until midnight) for 7 days.


New York City Subway


Thanks to the famous traffic is NYC, getting taxis is an easy way to blow your budget, which is why we’d recommend walking whenever possible. This is by far the best way to appreciate the city, and you might even stumble across a quirky bar, delicious restaurant or something else you would have missed from the inside of a yellow taxi.


5. Admire amazing views of the city for less than $3:


Roosevelt Island Tramway


Who doesn’t want to admire New York City’s spectacular skyline? From iconic attractions like the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock to trendy rooftop bars, there’s so many ways to take in the incredible views. If you’re looking for a cheap option, we’d recommend the Roosevelt Island Tramway. It only costs one swipe of your metro card to ride (approx $2.75) and you’ll get amazing views of the city below from 3,100 feet!

With the fare so cheap, you could even choose to admire the breath-taking views during the day and again at night- on Fridays and Saturdays the tram runs until 3:30am! Movie buffs might even recognise it from films like Now You See Me, Scarface and Spider-Man to name a few.


6. Save money on your meals:

Dining in New York doesn’t have to cost a fortune and there are plenty of affordable options to choose from. New York is famous for its food and you can enjoy some of the city’s most popular snacks, like pizza and hot dogs, for as little as $1! There are hundreds of food carts around the city, serving up cheap, tasty treats and this is a great choice if you want to grab a quick bite on the go. Plus, a visit to New York isn’t complete until you’ve tried a hot dog from a food cart!


New York hot dogs


If you’re paying a visit to Chinatown, you can get equally cheap food from the carts, with fried chicken and spring rolls for just $1. Lunch menus are a big thing in the city too, so you might want to find a good value lunch deal and grab a smaller low-cost snack for dinner.


7. Make the most of happy hour:


New York City Bars


Drinking in NYC can be quite pricey, so our top tip is to make the most of happy hour! Most of the bars and pubs have happy hour deals, so you can enjoy a few drinks whilst saving money. It’s a good idea to do some research before you go, to find out which bars are near your hotel and whether they have any happy hour deals.


Always carry small change:


New York Dollars


Tipping is a big thing in NYC, so much so that you should really allow for tip money in your budget. It’s a good idea to carry some smaller notes with you at all times, so that you can tip however much you want. If you’ve only got a $5 or $10 note on you, you’ll go through your money much quicker, so remember to keep hold of that change!


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