New Record-Breaking Coaster Coming to Busch Gardens

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New Record-Breaking Coaster Coming to Busch Gardens
Amazing new ride coming soon!
Busch Gardens have just announced plans for an amazing new roller coaster that will be the tallest and steepest hybrid coaster in the world…

2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and the park will be celebrating in style with a host of fun events continuing throughout the year as well as the unveiling of a new launch coaster called Tigris. That doesn’t mean Busch Gardens doesn’t have anything exciting planned for 2020 though. In fact, the park have just confirmed plans for a brand new, record-breaking ride that will open next year!

Busch Gardens have revealed that construction is already underway for a new hybrid roller coaster that will become North America’s tallest hybrid, as well as the fastest & steepest hybrid coaster in the entire world! This latest addition will join an already exhilarating line up of epic coasters at the park.

The name of the new coaster hasn’t been announced just yet, but we do know that it will be a wood and steel hybrid coaster with a maximum height reaching more than 200-foot-tall. The ride will feature lots of exciting new elements, as well as restored elements from Gwazi- a popular wooden roller coaster that operated at Busch Gardens from 1999-2015.

Stewart Clark (President of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay) explained, “We’re moving quickly to open our ninth roller coaster, Tigris, with a tenth coaster already underway for next year. This cadence of back-to-back new attractions is unprecedented for our park and continues our legacy as Florida’s thrill ride leader.” With more exciting attractions than ever, Busch Gardens is a must visit for any serious thrill seeker.

Busch Gardens 60th anniversary celebrations will also see a fresh new menu for the Food & Wine Festival which returns on 16th March, a new pin trading program, 'The Year of Beer’ and of course, the launch of new ride Tigris, which will become Florida’s tallest launch coaster!


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hohuswopekumudrepheshoruthidriliceruwemoclevivodraswoclavospupaclosudugewiphahethenisloluslapaceruwokaphecrevi , Orlando , New Attractions