Aquatica Reveal Opening Date for KareKare Curl

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Aquatica Reveal Opening Date for KareKare Curl
Opening soon!
Calling all water slide fans! An amazing new attraction is opening at Aquatica Orlando and there’s not long to wait…

Back in October last year, Aquatica announced plans to open an exciting new water slide called KareKare Curl. This amazing new slide will be the ultimate attraction for thrill seekers, putting your bravery to the test! The good news is, there isn’t long to wait until you can try it out, as Aquatica have just confirmed that KareKare Curl will officially open to the public on 12th April!

This incredible water slide will deliver a “high-adrenaline, weightless adventure” so it’s definitely not one for the faint-hearted! Riders will surge high up the vertical wave wall before speeding back down again and landing with a huge splash.


KareKare Curl at Aquatica Orlando


You might not know that the name of this new attraction gives a clue as to what you can expect. KareKare means “waves” in the Maori language and combined with “curl” this describes exactly what this water slide is- a curve-shaped wave! That’s what riders will experience if they are brave enough to take on this epic new slide.

You’ll be able to ride KareKare Curl in pairs as the ride will have two passengers per raft. So, get ready for an exciting adventure like no other and prepare to face one huge wave!

This amazing water slide joins an already thrilling line-up of attractions at Aquatica. Last year, the park unveiled an incredible attraction called Ray Rush and if you haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, make sure it’s on your ‘must-do’ list along with KareKare Curl.


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