ATD’s Top Tips and Tricks for your Next Orlando Holiday

ATD’s Top Tips and Tricks for your Next Orlando Holiday
Don't go on holiday without these tips and tricks under your belt...

1. Get there early

It’s an oldie but a goodie – advice as old as time will tell you to get to the parks early and ride the most popular rides while the parks are still relatively quiet. If you’re staying at a Disney or Universal resort hotel though, you can enjoy one whole extra hour in the parks at their respective sites before the gates are opened to the public! Definitely worth a few early mornings (when balanced with a few late ones!)

2. Pre-book your tickets

Our pre-booked tickets are real tickets, not vouchers, so you’ll save time on the gates. Vouchers need to be exchanged for real tickets, so all the good work you did in waking up early could be swallowed up by long lines for exchanges - the best way to get in quickly (and save money) is to buy your real tickets in advance.

3. Manage your Disney bookings through My Magic Plus

If you have a Disney booking, you can log on to Disney’s My Magic Plus website and manage your ride fast passes and dinner reservations 30 days in advance of your holiday! Build up the magic before you even arrive by browsing through everything you can experience on your Orlando holiday. Even better, if you’re staying in a Disney resort hotel, you can experience this an extra month early!

4. Use queue jumps

Disney’s My Magic Plus allows you to book 3 ride queue jumps per day absolutely free via the My Magic Plus site or App. This means you waste less valuable time queuing for rides and have more time for the fun stuff. Universal and SeaWorld parks offer a similar queue jump system, for a little extra. If you hate queueing though, or if you’re just a busy bee, it’s worth the extra!

5. Go off peak

If possible, travel in May/June or September/October to avoid the biggest crowds and the worst of the heat! Remember that not all school holidays align with US holidays, so what might not be a holiday in the UK could be a busy weekend at the parks - make sure to check in advance that your holiday won’t clash with 4th July or Thanksgiving, if you’re looking to go during a quieter period.

6. Start at the back of the park and work backwards

This piece of advice ties in well with arriving early; if you are there early and doing the rides in a different order to the rest of the park guests, you can avoid the worst of the queues and hopefully squeeze in a few more rides as a consequence!

7. Buy Multi-day Passes

Multi day passes work out much better value than single day passes and give you better flexibility for hopping around the parks. For example, the price of a Single Day pass is just over $99 for the day, while the per-day cost of Disney’s 21-Day Ultimate pass is just over $21. It also gives you the chance to leave the park and re-enter later if you want to view a particular night time show but want to relax outside of the parks in the late afternoon.

8. Pace Yourself!

Orlando is huge and every resort in itself is also huge - Walt Disney World alone is the size of San Francisco! You won’t be able to do and see everything in one trip, which is why people go back year after year. Relax, take it easy and make the most of the flexibility of a multi-day ticket to decide what you want to do each day. 

To see our great range of Orlando tickets as well as further practical tips and inspiration, check out our Orlando ticket pages!

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