New Attractions Coming to Orlando 2016

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New Attractions Coming to Orlando 2016
2016 is set to be an exciting year!
If you’re already thinking ahead to your 2016 Orlando holiday, you’ll want to know about all these incredible attractions coming to Orlando next year…

COBRA Rollercoaster at Busch Gardens

In a week of ride announcement after ride announcement, Busch Gardens raised the bar with its brand new plans for rollercoaster: Cobra’s Curse! Busch gardens has long been home to the ultimate thrill rides, with terrifying drops and dizzying heights so this time they are going for a more family friendly audience with their new spin rollercoaster. Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of screams to be had!

The new ride will have a minimum height requirement of just 42", so it’s fine for older children. The ride will begin with riders being lifted 70 foot into the air in one of 8 passenger trains in an incredible vertical lift before being dropped dramatically back into the Serengeti! Cars will be spun 180 degrees so you will be travelling backwards along the rails before going into a free spin which is determined by the weight distribution of the passengers. Sounds incredible to us!

MAKO Rollercoaster at SeaWorld

SeaWorld went for a slightly different angle when announcing their brand new ride –the steepest angle they could muster in fact! They went in strong, with the tallest, fastest and longest ride ever to be announced in Orlando.

The new ride is based on the fastest shark in the ocean, the Mako shark, and will reach speeds of up to 73mph as it twists and tears through the SeaWorld Park. It will reach dizzying heights of 201 feet, making it a hypercoaster with “relentless air time” according to the ride’s designers. Definitely one for the adrenaline junkies among us.

Frozen Ride at Epcot

In June, it was confirmed that the magical land of Arendelle would replace the Maelstrom ride in the Norway Pavilion at Disney’s Epcot Park. Frozen Ever After will open after the 27 year old Maelstrom ride was officially retired in October of 2014 and has already got Frozen fans buzzing with excitement!

Frozen Ride

Imagineering Creative Executive Kathy Mangum outlined Disney's expectation for the ride: “What we try to do is take you back to the movie without retelling that story...This is a celebration of the characters, a way for guests who love the film to experience it in a completely different way.” Guests will also get to interact with all the film’s characters as they queue up for the ride – personally we think this could be the best bit of all!

Reign of Kong at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

We couldn’t talk about ride announcements without mentioning the first big announcement we had this summer: the arrival of Reign of Kong: Skull Island in Universal’s Islands of Adventure!  And best of all, it’s supposed to go above and beyond the ride at Universal’s Hollywood Studios (which we already LOVE) in the creative stakes!

Guests are invited into the ride as explorers with the mission of discovering previously unidentified creatures in the deepest darkest jungle. Predictably however, things start to go wrong as their expedition is overrun by a swarm of hostile pre-historic creatures! But these predators aren't the only things that thrillseekers will need to contend with, hostile native tribes and an even more hostile environment won't make it any easier when visitors finally come nose to nose with the big man himself, as the colossal Kong emerges from the darkness.

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Epcot , SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment® , Orlando , New Attractions