A Guide to Packing Your Disney World Park Bag

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A Guide to Packing Your Disney World Park Bag
What you need to pack for a trip to Disney World in Florida.
A guide to what you need to pack for a trip to Disney World in Florida.

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is arguably the best of all the Disney resorts in the world and is a must-visit if you have children or are holidaying in the Sunshine State.

Often first-time visitors to Disney World (and even people who have visited before) struggle to pack a day rucksack to take with them to the park that actually ends up having all they need, and this can often lead to a stressful start to the day.

So once you have got your tickets for Disney World and have packed them safely away, take a look through these essential items for your day rucksack and get yourself sorted!


Ponchos for adults

A must-pack item for a day bag for Disney World are ponchos for the whole family, as not only is Florida renowned for its sudden downpours, but also because the park has a number of amazing water rides that are sure to get you absolutely soaked – like the Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Splash Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

The rides are great, but no one wants to spend the day in wet clothes so by purchasing a poncho from StayDry you can keep yourself dry whilst still being able to go on all of the rides together as a family.

StayDry sell reusable ponchos and disposable ponchos in a variety of colours, as well as offering its customers a range of ponchos for children, which again are perfect for a visit to Disney World.

Ponchos for children



With all the delicious food and sweets that are available at Disney World it is unsurprising that sometimes visitors tend to overindulge and can get stomach pains as a result.

Orlando also boasts warm temperatures during the summer and with the amount of walking visitors do in a day it is not uncommon for people to become dehydrated and suffer from headaches.

It is worth packing products such as Superdrug’s headache and upset stomach relief sachets as they are not only easy to carry but will help anyone that is struck down by a severe headache or upset stomach whilst at the resort.

If visitors suffer from any pre-existing conditions then you should take your medicine in your day bag just in case you need it during the day.

Wallets and purses

You need to take money with you during your trip to Disney World and rather than having to rummage around in your bag for that bit of loose change why not treat yourself to a new wallet or purse before you jet off on your once in a lifetime trip?

The Asos website is a one-stop shop for people looking for a new wallet or purse. Asos has an array of purses in their collection with plenty of pockets for loose bits and pieces, such as the Asos Pony Effect Leather Slim Travel Wallet, which has a zipped coin pocket, multiple card and note slots and is made of real leather.


The men’s collection of wallets also don’t disappoint, with the Asos Leather Wallet with heavy stitch perfect for keeping all those US dollars that your children so desperately want to spend on Mickey Mouse toys all in one place!


Mobile chargers

Mobiles are a necessity when visiting a theme park. If a member of your party gets detached from the rest of your group then you can easily phone or text their mobile to find out where they are.

The only problems with today’s super phones and tablets are that they seem to run out of battery so quickly.

That’s where the Jackery Giant + comes in handy as you can charge your mobile phone and tablet in your bag whilst you are walking around the park.

Jackery Giant+

The Jackery Giant+ can charge devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S; iPad Air and Mini; Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note; Nexus; LG and HTC. Technology these days!


As we have mentioned before, Florida is known to have unforeseen downpours and it is best to come prepared as you don’t want to have to trudge around Disney World drenched right through.

Brollies Galore has a whole load of umbrellas that are just perfect for a day at Disney’s parks and within its collection of umbrellas there are umbrellas for men, women and children, such as the pretty Princess umbrella below.

Children's umbrella

Disney clothing

There is no better sight to see than children having the time of their lives kitted out in Disney-themed clothing.

Sports Direct has a variety of Disney outfits available for the kids such as this beautiful Frozen dress, which costs just £8.50.


That’s not all, as Sports Direct also sells more Disney-themed dresses, t-shirts, shoes, socks and coats. So no matter whether it is a Minnie Mouse dress you are after, or Disney trainers, there will be something to get your kids the best dressed vote whilst at Disney World.

If you have young children then you should pack a spare set of clothes in case they have any accidents and there is no better way to make them look the part than to have spare Disney-themed clothing in your day bag.

Passport holders

Passport holder

If you don’t have a safe in your hotel then it is worth keeping your passport with you when you go to the theme parks.

If you are bringing your passport to Disney World then the best way to carry it is in a Passport holder so that you can keep all of your family’s passports together. You can also keep your park tickets in a passport holder.

There are some beautiful passport holders available on the Cath Kidston website that are perfect to take with you on a trip to Disney World.

Image Credits: StayDry, Superdrug, Asos, Jackery, Brollies Galore, Sports Direct, Cath Kidston.

Orlando , Disney World , Rides , theme park.