Historic Announcement from SeaWorld!

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Historic Announcement from SeaWorld!
Big changes being made as SeaWorld heads in a new direction
SeaWorld made a big announcement on Thursday morning that they would no longer continue their Orca breeding programme…

This week, SeaWorld have announced the end of their Orca breeding programme, meaning the current Orcas at their parks will be the last generation. Thursday 17th March marked the date that the breeding programme along with the theatrical Orca shows would come to an end. Making the decision to move in a new direction, SeaWorld will now be focusing on new exciting projects which aim to educate their guests on the protection and preservation of their beloved Orcas.



The Orcas who are currently living in SeaWorld’s parks will remain; receiving the world class care and expertise they have always had from the dedicated team of marine and scientific professionals. SeaWorld hopes to inspire future visitors with their educational programmes which will explain the dangers these beautiful creatures face. Moving away from theatrical shows, the new sessions will showcase information that centres around the health, wellbeing and rescue process of marine animals.



SeaWorld were recently rewarded for their commitment to rescuing and caring for marine animals with the Quarter Century Award from the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums). This accolade came after achieving the incredible figure of 27,000 animals rescued over 50 years! Keen to develop this care even further, SeaWorld have vowed to become the leading marine rescue establishment in the world with a $50 million pledge over the next 5 years.



They plan to teach visitors about their current rehabilitation and rescue procedures, whilst working in partnership with the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) on a mission to combat the commercial killing of marine animals, protect the ocean and its coral reefs, and ensure that their seafood is sustainable.

On top of these exciting new changes, there is something else to look forward to at SeaWorld this summer. The fastest, tallest and longest ride in the whole of Orlando will be opening at SeaWorld! The exhilarating new ride (only suitable for the brave) will catapult you around the track at speeds of up to 73mph. Similar to SeaWorld’s other rides, this will be based on a marine species; the Mako shark. One of the fastest shark’s in the world, get ready for an unforgettable ride!


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mabrostinuju , SeaWorld® Orlando Tickets , Orlando