Discover an Astronaut’s Diet (and Try Some Space Ice Cream!)

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Discover an Astronaut’s Diet (and Try Some Space Ice Cream!)
Get a taste of the astronaut lifestyle!
This month we’re giving away FREE Space Ice Cream with Kennedy Space Center bookings! Check out some of the unique dishes that make up an astronaut’s diet…

This month we’ve got an offer that’s out of this world! When you purchase tickets for the Kennedy Space Center you’ll also receive a FREE Space Ice Cream! Sample the diet of a real astronaut and taste some of the food that they actually eat in Space with this tasty Neapolitan ice cream.


Space Ice Cream


When it comes to food in Space, there’s lots to think about! As early as the 1960’s astronauts realised that their taste buds weren’t as effective in Space and things tasted totally different to how they usually would. It’s down to the NASA Space Food Systems Laboratory to create dishes that are both nutritional and tasty for the astronauts on their missions, as well as having lightweight packaging that preserves the food for the entire duration. Take a look at some of the dishes that have been enjoyed in Space…


Ice Cream:


Space Ice Cream


This month’s special giveaway and our favourite Space dish, this delicious ice cream tastes just like the real thing! The Neapolitan block features the 3most popular flavours– chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.




Space lettuce


There was plenty of excitement back in 2015 when Scott Kelly and his crewmates managed to successfully harvest actual plants in Space. On sampling the red romaine lettuce for the first time, the responses from the crew included “that’s awesome”, “tastes good” and “I like that”.


Cultural dishes:


Space mooncake


Each country that journeys into Space brings with them the food that they are accustomed to. In 2003, astronaut Yang Liwei brought along Chinese dishes that included Kung Pao Chicken, Chinese Herbal Tea and sweet Mooncakes.




Space hamburgers


Although we’re sure they don’t taste as good as they do on Earth, astronauts have even managed to enjoy hamburgers. It’s a good job Space food has developed so much, as back in 1961 Yuri Gagarin ate pureed meat from toothpaste tubes on his mission!


Peanut Butter Tortilla:


Peanut Butter Tortilla Space

Image credit


One of the most popular Space snacks! Tortillas are great in Space because they don’t crumble as easily as bread. Astronauts add a serving of peanut butter for flavour, plus its packed with nutrients. Kevin Ford made his own ‘peanut butter popsicle creation’ during the STS-128 mission, with a knife through the middle of the tortilla to control it!



Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid for all new Kennedy Space Center bookings made from 1st September 2016 to 30th September 2016
  • One ice cream per Kennedy Space booking (maximum one per household)
  • Offer valid whilst stocks last


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