Mako has Surfaced at SeaWorld Orlando

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Mako has Surfaced at SeaWorld Orlando
Are you ready?
The exciting new Mako ride finally opened at SeaWorld Orlando on June 10th, check out all of the latest details…

Updated: 7th July 2016


It’s the ride we’ve all been waiting for, and thankfully the wait is finally over! When Mako opened on June 10th it officially became the tallest, fastest and longest ride in Orlando. Sound exciting? Here's everything you need to know... 


Mako SeaWorld Orlando


Upon entering the queue area you will notice a unique score, created especially for the ride. The music will follow you through the line, right up to the lift hill, ensuring your adrenaline levels are at their peak! You’ll face a 200-foot drop as well as incredible speeds of up to 73mph as you race around the track imitating the movements of a real Mako shark! Designed to offer riders maximum airtime, the coaster provides a weightless feeling by using lap guards instead of shoulder restraints. Themed on the fastest species of shark in the world, you’re promised a high speed adventure from start to finish.

If you’re riding Mako at night, you’ll be able to enjoy a slightly different experience. You’ll see flickering lights illuminating both the coaster trains and track, that give the illusion of a wild Mako shark scattering the fish that it’s just hunted.


Shark Wreck Reef SeaWorld Orlando Mako


The exhilarating hypercoaster will act as the centrepiece for an all-new underwater realm called ‘Shark Wreck Reef’. The design aims to make guests feel like they have joined a group of sharks that have taken over a shipwrecked reef. They will feel as though they are actually underwater as they become immersed into the marine world. Creative theming throughout the area will help to make the experience as realistic as possible. 


Mako SeaWorld Orlando


This exciting new area stretches across 2-acres of the park, and provides a great family friendly adventure, with plenty to do. Discover awe-inspiring shark encounters, the tasty ‘Sharks Underwater Grill’ and several shops perfect for finding souvenirs to take home. There are also a variety of educational sessions running, which are designed to teach guests about the dangers that many wild species of shark including the Mako are facing and why they are so important to our environment. Learn all about the beautiful species with these fun, informative programs.


SeaWorld Mako


Are you brave enough to give Mako a try?


See this amazing new ride in all its glory at SeaWorld Orlando! Click here to view our great value range of theme park tickets and be one of the first to give it a go.


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