Discover SeaWorld’s Park to Planet Mission

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Discover SeaWorld’s Park to Planet Mission
Find out how you can help!
Find out more about SeaWorld’s amazing conservation efforts, from wildlife rescue to animal rehabilitation and much more…

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is on a huge mission to make a difference to the world’s oceans, concentrating on everything from the rescue of tiny sea creatures to changes that will impact a whole ecosystem! Did you know, that every time someone purchases a ticket to one of SeaWorld’s amazing parks, they’re contributing to this mission too? That’s right, your SeaWorld Parks ticket helps to fund countless projects like animal rescue, anti-plastic initiatives, shoreline clean ups and education and training for a whole new generation of marine veterinarians.


SeaWorld conservation Manatees


So far, SeaWorld have rescued more than 35,000 animals- 533 cetaceans (whales and dolphins), 8,133 pinnipeds (seals) and 716 manatees from the oceans near their parks. Check out the video below with JP Peterson (animal care supervisor at SeaWorld) to find out more about SeaWorld’s rescue and rehabilitation work…



It’s not enough to simply rescue these animals though- SeaWorld Parks want to actively make a difference to our oceans and promote this message to park guests. Regular, organised beach and shoreline clean ups not only help to bring communities together, but also help remove a host of hazardous waste from our oceans that can injure and even potentially kill some of the world’s most beautiful creatures. In one beach clean up on Mission Beach in San Diego alone, volunteers managed to pick up 135kg of rubbish!

It’s no secret that the plastic in our oceans is a growing problem that we can no longer ignore. Given SeaWorld’s commitment to conservation, it’s no surprise that they were one of the world’s first theme parks to eliminate straws, plastic bags and cup lids from their parks.


SeaWorld conservation


With the harmful and deadly effects of ocean plastic being brought to their veterinary clinics every day, SeaWorld knew they had to take immediate action. Guests are now encouraged to bring their own refillable cups to the parks and use or purchase reusable bags.  In fact, SeaWorld now offer a variety of re-usable canvas tote bags with fun designs that guests can purchase during their visit. The prices for these colourful bags range from just $0.99 to $7.99 depending on the size and strength of the bag.

Through initiatives like the above, SeaWorld is also helping to educate a new generation of theme park visitors and animal lovers about the importance of animal conservation. Working with partners such as The Humane Society of the United States and Ocearch, SeaWorld has become a leader in the field of wildlife rescue, marine species conservation, education and environmental stewardship programmes.

If you want to contribute to the amazing work that SeaWorld does, all you need to do is purchase a ticket! Plus, if you purchase any add-on tickets for your SeaWorld trip, $2 from every ticket sold will be donated to UK wildlife charities.


SeaWorld Parks Rescue Park to Planet Mission


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