SeaWorld to Add Exciting Virtual Reality Experience to the Kraken

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SeaWorld to Add Exciting Virtual Reality Experience to the Kraken
A new virtual reality update and so much more!
A brand new virtual reality experience is being added to one of the park’s most popular rides- the KRAKEN…

If you’ve been to SeaWorld before, you’ll probably be familiar with the mammoth Kraken rollercoaster! Themed on an enormous mythological beast that has been unleashed from the depths of the ocean, the white-knuckle ride is the only floorless coaster in Orlando, and reaches heights of 150-feet as well as speeds of up to 65 mph. Sound scary? Yesterday, SeaWorld announced that things were set to get a whole lot scarier, with a new thrilling virtual reality element being introduced next summer!

Kraken will become the only virtual reality rollercoaster experience in Florida, transforming an old favourite into something entirely new. Get ready to embark on a deep sea mission alongside amazing sea creatures that have been inspired by “extinct and legendary animals of the past”, including the mighty Kraken! Witness the legend come to life, as you come face to face with the beast yourself.  

If you’re feeling brave enough, go for the virtual reality headset, that will immerse you into the mysterious underwater realm. Covering both your eyes and ears, your senses will be heightened as your heart starts to race. Adrenaline building music created especially for the ride will be pumped through the headset as you journey through the terrifying sea monster’s lair. SeaWorld have promised to deliver a “new one-of-a-kind adventure”, and we can’t wait to see what it will be like!


Dolphins Nursery SeaWorld Orlando


SeaWorld have also announced that from next year, guests will be able to get closer to their beautiful dolphins than ever before at the Dolphin Nursery. Witness the bond between mother and baby dolphins whilst learning about their behaviour, biology and conservation in a new interactive educational experience.

End your visit to SeaWorld with an all-new end of day spectacular called Electric Ocean. Making its debut next summer, the park will come to life as the sun goes down, with bioluminescent lighting, music and entertainment, creating a “glowing sea of wonder”.

If you’re heading to SeaWorld in time to try the new Kraken ride next summer, make sure you don’t miss their newest coasters, the record-breaking Mako at SeaWorld and the multi-directional spin coaster Cobra’s Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

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