Top 5 Pizza Places in New York City

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Top 5 Pizza Places in New York City
Grab a slice!
Sample the city’s best pizza at the restaurants loved by New Yorkers...

It’s quite possible that a discussion between New Yorker’s on the best pizza could turn into more of a debate; they really do take their love for pizza seriously! Ideal for tourists looking to savour a slice of New York at a low cost, you can experience the popular dish pretty much wherever you go. If you’re a real pizza-lover though, you’ll want to have the best! Take a look at 5 restaurants you simply have to try…




Grimaldi's pizza New York City


Everyone in New York that loves pizza has heard of Grimaldi’s! Regarded as the best pizzeria in Brooklyn, Grimaldi’s has a well-known reputation for its mouth wateringly good coal-fired pizzas. Located ‘under the bridge’ there is often an hour long queue outside, but don’t be put off, it’s well worth the wait! The décor is simple (think chequered tablecloths and wooden chairs) with pictures hanging on the walls of Grimaldi’s many celebrity visitors.

Worth knowing - Musical legend Frank Sinatra was apparently such a fan that he’s previously had their pizza flown out to him in Las Vegas!

What to try? Traditional margarita – thin crusty base, fresh mozzarella and juicy plum tomatoes.




Lombardi's Pizza New York City


Originally opening in 1897, Lombardi’s has been serving up incredible Neapolitan style pizzas for over 100 years now! Packed every night of the week, this restaurant is often visited by tourists in search of the perfect pizza. Serving coal-oven whole ‘pies’ only, the ingredients are fresh, with delicious tomato sauce and chunks of mozzarella that melt in the mouth. Beware the portions are huge!

Worth knowing - Lombardi’s is known as America’s first pizzeria!

What to try? Go for the amazing homemade meatball topping.


Joe and Pat’s:


Joe and Pat's pizza New York City

Image credit: NYC Go


Joe and Pat’s is a family owned pizza restaurant known for their delicious rich tomato sauce, and pizza’s with a difference! Enjoy a thin crispy slice with a choice of regular or seasonal toppings. Their special ‘vodka pie’ features parmesan, pancetta, basil and of course a tipple of vodka (intended to bring out the flavour of the tomatoes).

Worth knowing - Fast service and well-priced restaurant run by the same family for generations.

What to try? Something you probably haven’t had before – vodka pizza!




Ray's Pizza New York City


Popping up all over the city, at Ray’s what you see is what you get. The lunch break choice for busy New Yorkers, if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat in between sightseeing Ray’s will do the job. Queue at the counter to select your pizza (you can expect all of the standard flavours like Margarita, Hawaiian, and Meat Feast) before helping yourself to a seat. Served on paper plates at around $3 a slice, Ray’s offers simple service and great tasting pizza with a slice of no-nonsense New Yorker attitude on the side!

Worth knowing - Competing for the best pizza title Ray’s claim to be the best saying: “we invite you to come and experience the world’s best pizza”.

What to try? A slice of thick crust pepperoni pizza.


Best Pizza:


Best Pizza New York City White Pizza


Claiming to be the ‘best pizza’ in NYC is bold, but here the name really does reflect the pizza with a huge selection of delicious offerings. As one of the only places in the city to serve wood fired pizza by the slice, it’s definitely worth paying a visit. The staff are friendly and the head pizza chef is a graduate of the culinary institute of America. The standout choice here is without a doubt the white pizza. Forget tomato sauce and try something a bit different with creamy white sauce, fresh ricotta, caramelised onions and a sesame seed crust!

Worth knowing - Best Pizza is a collaboration between Brooklyn Star and Roberta’s restaurants.

What to try? Their famous white pizza.


If you’re on the hunt for the best pizza in New York City, why not try the ‘A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza tour’? A great chance to explore the city whilst trying as many pizza’s as you can! Learn about the history of pizza and get two complimentary slices of Grimaldi’s pizza along the way. Click here to view our great value tickets.


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