The Biggest Halloween Horror Nights Announcement Yet

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The Biggest Halloween Horror Nights Announcement Yet
Get ready for the fright of your life!
Check out the terrifying scare zones, original haunted houses and thrilling live shows planned for this year’s Halloween spectacular…

This year Halloween Horror Nights is set to be bigger and better than ever! The scariest event of the year will return for its 26th annual celebration and guests should be warned; it’s only for the brave!  While some of the horrifying details of what awaits have already been revealed, it wasn’t until Wednesday that Universal made the biggest announcement yet and we’ve got all of the details…



As well as haunted houses themed on some of the most popular horror movies of all time including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, Halloween, Krampus and the TV series The Walking Dead, there will be a selection of original houses that have never been seen before! Are you brave enough to face these 3?


Lunatics Playground 3D - You Won’t Stand a Chance:

Lunatics Playground 3D - You Won’t Stand a Chance


You might just recognise Chance as the cunning sidekick of the infamous Jack the Clown. This year, it’s her turn to take control as host of the event. Known for her twisted mind games, Chance invites you to step inside the Lunatics Playground where anything can happen. We can only imagine how the 3D effects will make the experience all the more terrifying! When a music box plays you know the games are about to begin and you won’t stand a chance.


Ghost Town - The Curse of Lightning Gulch:


When a bolt of lightning strikes it causes a ghostly town to appear and the disturbing curse of Lightning Gulch is unleashed. As you make your way through the Wild West, you’re reminded of those who went before you. They went in search of gold but instead were faced with death and destruction. With the flash of lightning and rumbling thunder getting closer, it’s clear you’re in serious danger.


Tomb of the Ancients:


An ancient tomb has been uncovered releasing evil immortal beings from the past. Rising from the pits of hell, they have returned to cause chaos for those left behind. With the warning that “hell itself has awakened”, once you’re deep inside the tomb there’s no going back.


Scare Zones

At Halloween Horror Nights there’s no way of avoiding the petrifying scare zones located throughout the park. These are the places you’ll come face to face with the characters from your nightmares as iconic horror movie villains prowl the park looking for their next victim. Check out the scare zones you can expect to see this year:


A Chance in Hell- 


Halloween Horror Nights A Chance in Hell


It’s time for the host to make a return! Chance may be locked away, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get to you. The bloody remains of those who got in her way surround you and in the distance she’s on a mission to recruit a team of cellmates to get revenge.


Banshee’s Lair-


Halloween Horror Nights Banshees Lair


Venture into the depths of the forest where an army of gruesome creatures and evil spirits are lurking in the darkness. The magical barrier that used to separate the modern world from this frightening forest has disappeared and you’re no longer safe from the roaming forces of evil.


Dead Man’s Wharf-


Halloween Horror Nights Dead Man's Wharf


Long ago, a fishing vessel called Annabel Lee embarked on a voyage and never returned. The harbour it once inhabited has been left empty ever since in honour, but something strange is now happening as a fog emerges encompassing the town. The spirits of the fisherman whose lives were lost at sea have now returned seeking vengeance.  


Survive or Die-


Halloween Horror Nights Survive or Die


The Earth’s atmosphere has been destroyed by a global catastrophe and no one is safe. A group of survivors have managed to create a machine that provides clean air, but the two remaining groups of survivors desperately want to gain control of it. To do so, they need to make their team stronger and are looking for new recruits. Will you volunteer?


Vamp 1955-


Halloween Horror Nights Vamp 1955


What could go wrong at a high school homecoming parade? If it’s being hosted at Halloween Horror Nights, then pretty much everything! When a bunch of greasers with razor sharp fangs turn up chaos ensues. You better hide because these deadly vampires will take anyone that gets in their way.



As well as all of the extraordinary attractions above, there will also be two spine-tingling live shows featuring some old favourites and a troupe of maniacs.


Academy of Villains: House of Fear:


Halloween Horror Nights Academy of Villains


A frightening show packed with energy, this show will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. A chilling troupe of inmates put on a dance performance like no other. You’ll find yourself right in the middle of an “explosion of insanity” as you enter a “realm of mayhem”.


Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure:


Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure at Halloween Horror Nights


A Halloween Horror Nights favourite, this daring duo are back with an all-new show you’re bound to love. Get ready for a whirlwind adventure as the 'Wyld Stallyns' return.


Universal have revealed that the planning for this incredible event actually started during last year’s Halloween Horror Nights so it’s sure to be something spectacular! With one more house still to be announced make sure you keep checking our blog for the latest news.


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