Exciting New Scare Zones Revealed for Halloween Horror Nights

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Exciting New Scare Zones Revealed for Halloween Horror Nights
3 new scares zones!
Universal have announced the terrifying themes for 3 of this year’s scare zones and that’s not all…

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is one of the most popular (and terrifying) Halloween events in the world! This year, the spooky spectacular will be bigger and better than ever before, with Universal confirming that there will be a total of 10 haunted houses. This is the most haunted houses to feature at the event since it began 28 years ago!

Each haunted house is a petrifying walk-through maze inspired either by world-famous horror movies or frightening Universal original tales. While the full line-up is yet to be announced, Universal have already revealed that there will be houses inspired by the iconic Trick ‘R Treat movie and the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

As well as this exciting announcement, Universal also shared thrilling details on 3 new and original scare zones. Not sure what a scare zone is? These are potentially scarier than the haunted houses, as they bring your worst nightmares to life with live actors roaming in search of prey! What’s even worse is that the scare zones are located throughout the park, so there’s nowhere to hide. This is the place where you’ll be forced to come face to face with horrifying creatures and maybe even some familiar faces.

Here’s everything we know so far about the 3 new scare zones…


The Harvest


The Harvest Halloween Horror Nights


This scare zone is set in an old, deserted barn, or at least a barn that appears deserted! As you walk through and look around, you’ll notice that the walls are adorned with ominous objects and pictures from each haunted house that act as a warning for what’s to come. It won’t be long before you realise that this barn is anything but deserted and there’s a host of foul creatures that lurk within. The demons are ready for a “harvest of flesh and screams” but the question is, have you got what it takes to make it out in time?


Vamp 85: New Year’s Eve


Vamps 85 Halloween Horror Nights


While you might usually consider New Year’s Eve a fun-filled night, we can guarantee this one will be very differnet. The party is swarming with bloodthirsty vampires, and what you first think is a normal party soon turns into a “feeding frenzy”. The party has been crashed by “fanged punks and big-haired vamps” and they won’t be satisfied until they get what they want. Will you RSVP?


Twisted Tradition


Twisted Tradition Halloween Horror Nights


Get ready to travel through the forest of Central Park where an ancient evil has been awakened. This year, Halloween has been “transformed into an abomination” complete with rotting pumpkins fused with human flesh. With only the dim light from the eerie jack o’ lanterns to guide you, you’ve got almost no hope of escaping the horrors that are hiding in the darkness.

It’s also been confirmed that the popular dance crew Academy of Villains will be returning to perform for the third consecutive year. This time, the troupe will be taking the performance to the next level with an all-new show.

Of course, there are lots more Halloween Horror Nights announcements to come, so keep checking our blog for the latest details on the remaining haunted houses and scare zones.


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