Exciting Rumours for Universal's New Harry Potter Coaster

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Exciting Rumours for Universal's New Harry Potter Coaster
New Harry Potter coaster coming soon!
Ever since Universal revealed plans to unveil a new Harry Potter ride, we’ve been eagerly waiting to find out what it will be like. So, we thought we’d take a look at the rumours in the meantime…

Back in July 2017, Universal revealed that they would be opening a brand new roller coaster at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2019! Fans were thrilled to hear the news and the rumour mill instantly went into overdrive, with fans trying to guess what the new attraction would be like. Construction for the new coaster is now well underway and as the opening draws closer, more and more rumours seem to be spreading. So, here’s everything we know for sure about the new attraction, plus all the rumours we’ve heard so far…


What do we know for sure?


New Harry Potter ride at Universal's Islands of Adventure


Well, we know for sure that the new attraction will become part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Hogsmeade at Universal’s Islands of Adventure Park. It will be replacing the Dragon Challenge coaster which used to be in the same area. When the announcement was first made, Universal described the attraction as a “new generation of thrill ride” and one of the “most highly-themed coaster experiences” they’ve ever created. This means that not only can we expect an exciting new coaster, but also something that would fit in well in the surroundings of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts castle.

We also know that this new thrill ride will bring you face to face with “some of your favourite characters and creatures”. While Universal haven’t confirmed exactly who (and what) they may be, we can take from this that there will be some very familiar faces.


Now for the rumours…

Forbidden Forest

This seems to be at the forefront of the rumours for the new Harry Potter attraction, with lots of fans convinced that the ride could be an exciting adventure into the depths of the Forbidden Forest. It's been suggested that the journey will take place in a replica of the famous blue Ford Anglia that Ron and Harry “borrowed” from Mr Weasley. Sounds good, right? This would be a perfect fit for the area, as the Forbidden Forest is part of the Hogwarts Castle grounds.

This rumour also seems to make sense as it links in with Universal revealing that the new attraction would feature some of your favourite creatures. Any Harry Potter fan will know that the Forbidden Forest is home to a host of mysterious creatures- some more friendly than others! If this rumour is true we might see creatures like Aragog (the enormous spider!), Buckbeak the Hippogriff, Centaurs, and maybe even a dragon or two! We think this would certainly make this a thrilling attraction.

But what about characters? Well, surely Hagrid would have to be the star of a Forbidden Forest ride? Hagrid is well acquainted with all of the creatures that live in the forest and he knows how to control them which could come in handy for riders!


Hagrid’s Motorbike Ride

This is another rumour that features Hagrid, and some fans are so convinced that the new attraction will star the friendly gamekeeper, that they are already calling it “Hagrid’s Ride”. This rumour focuses on the idea that the ride vehicles could be designed to look like replicas of Hagrid’s huge motorbike. This motorbike makes several appearances in the Harry Potter movies, the very first being when Hagrid delivers baby Harry to the doorstep of number 4 Privet Drive in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

If you’ve been to the Universal Orlando Resort before and taken a ride on the Hogwarts Express, you’ll know that you can see Hagrid flying past the window on his motorbike. Could this be a clue of what’s to come?


The Black Lake

Some fans have been speculating that the new Harry Potter ride may involve an adventure into the Black Lake. The lake was a key part of the Triwizard Tournament and was the location for the second task in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The reason fans think this could be the theme of the new attraction, is because the lake is also home to lots of unique creatures. If this rumour turns out to be true, riders may be faced with giant squids, Selkies, merpeople and vicious Grindylows! It’s worth noting that Universal Studios Japan already has a replica of the Black Lake, so maybe this is something that could be making its way over to the Universal Orlando Resort soon.


So, what will the ride be like?

We already know that the ride manufacturer for this new Harry Potter coaster is Intamin, the same company that designed ‘Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts’. If that’s one of your favourite rides, then you can expect good things from this new addition. Rumours so far, suggest that the ride will be fast with several launches and drops along the way. It also looks like it will be low to the ground, which seems to rule out anything to do with Quidditch.

One of the most exciting rumours about the new attraction, suggests that halfway through the ride, riders will be sent upwards at an almost vertical angle, before surprisingly plummeting back down again at high speed! Fans predicted this exhilarating element after seeing a steep pole at the construction site, which would likely hold the double track mechanism.

More pictures of the construction site have revealed that the colour of the track is brown, which could support the Forbidden Forest theory, as it would blend seamlessly with the dark forest surroundings.


This amazing new attraction is set to open in 2019, but the specific date is yet to be confirmed. We’ve got our fingers crossed for more information soon and can’t wait to find out what the new ride will look like. Make sure you keep checking our blog for the latest updates.


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