Experience Terrifying Virtual Reality at Halloween Horror Nights!

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Experience Terrifying Virtual Reality at Halloween Horror Nights!
Come face to face with the paranormal!
A brand new virtual reality experience is coming to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights…

At the Universal Orlando Resort, it’s “never too soon to start panicking” and while Halloween is still some time away, it’s not long before the annual Halloween Horror Nights spectacular kicks off on 16th September. With all of the recent exciting announcements including original haunted houses and horrifying scare zones, it would be impossible not to be excited and last week Universal gave us something new to get even more excited about!

This year’s event will feature something that’s never been seen before at Halloween Horror Nights. Guests will be able to explore a haunted house called ‘The Repository’, an immersive paranormal virtual reality experience! Claiming to “take guests into the next dimension of horror experiences” the state-of-the-art virtual reality technology combined with real-life storytelling will engulf you introduce you to a whole new level of terror. Think you’ve got what it takes to face these evil spirits?

Step inside The Repository and be prepared to confront your deepest fears! You’ll be surrounded by menacing real-life characters and spooky themed environments as you embark on a testing psychological journey to the other side. Work together in teams of four to solve a puzzling paranormal mystery, but be warned, there are grisly surprises lurking around every corner that will try to get in your way.

For the first time ever, the SDP (Spectral Dark Portal) will be used to transport guests into another realm! Come face to face with spirts, ghosts, ghouls and all of the other horrifying creatures that await. Find yourself in the most terrifying place you could imagine, with no way out! The addition of virtual reality brings this haunted house and its inhabitants to life in the most authentic way possible, you really will feel like you’re in another world!


This amazing attraction will be separately ticket at a price of $49.99 (plus tax) with tickets available from 23rd August.


Will you be spending Halloween in Orlando? If so, click here, to view our Halloween Horror Nights tickets and be a part of the action!


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