First Details for Volcano Bay Water Theme Park Revealed!

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First Details for Volcano Bay Water Theme Park Revealed!
Volcano Bay is about to erupt!
A brand new water theme park is coming to Universal Orlando Resort next year! Check out all of the exciting details…

While we’ve known for some time now that an exciting water park would be opening at Universal Orlando Resort in 2017, there have been very little details released until now! Thrill-seeking water park fans will be pleased to hear that in just under a year they’ll be able to experience a water theme park “unlike anything else in the world”, when Volcano Bay officially open on 1st June 2017!

Endless research and months of travelling across the globe have led to the creation of this unique park. Inspiration has been taken from tropical resorts and water parks all over the world in places like Bali, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, culminating in the construction of an incredible 28-acre “lush, tropical oasis inspired by the Pacific isles”. Universal have also promised to eliminate long queues giving you more time to test the high-speed rides! You won’t have to carry your water tube around either, there will be plenty of places to pick them up around the park as well as several tasty restaurants to stop off for lunch.

The extraordinary theming will span over 4 different Polynesian-inspired landscapes and feature drop slides, relaxing beaches and long winding rivers. Here’s everything you need to know:



Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando Resort


An enormous 200-foot-tall volcano called Krakatau will act as the centrepiece in the heart of the park. Admire the streaming waterfalls that rush down the volcano by day, and by night watch in awe as bubbling lave pours out of the crater. There will be three exhilarating body slides that each include the same terrifying surprise! As you prepare to face the force of Ko’okiri Body Plunge feel your heart pounding as the floor disappears beneath you and you plummet 125-feet through the centre of the huge volcano. You’ll also be on the first water slide in the world that sends you racing through a pool filled with guests.

Kala and Ta Nui Serpentine are a pair of intertwining slides that provide a feeling of free falling along twists and turns for 124-feet! Punga Racers is great ride for the family, offering those with a competitive streak the chance to be the first out of four to race their way to the bottom on manta-shaped mats.

There is also a secret attraction planned for this area! At the moment Universal are giving no clues away, but if the rest of the park is anything to go by, it’s bound to be something impressive.


River Village:


Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando Resort


A great place for the whole family, River Village has something for everyone. Young children can enjoy the Maori fountains, water slides and miniature volcano in the Tot Tiki Reef play area, while older children can explore three-storeys of fun in Runamukka Reef; a coral reef inspired water playground. For daring ride-lovers there are two multi-passenger raft rides for you to try. Honu will send you soaring over a dual wall, while Ika Moana takes you gliding over bubbling geysers. For those just wanting to relax, float along the gentle Kopiko Wai Winding River passing through hidden caves until you reach the enchanting Cave of Starlight.


Rainforest Village:

If you’re all about the rides, Rainforest Village is the place for you! The amazing assortment of high-speed attractions will leave you wanting to speed down the slides over and over again. Here’s what you can expect:

Taniwha Tubes- Choose to ride on your own or double up for an adventure through four unique slides inspired by Easter Island.

TeAwa The Fearless River- Hold on tight as you speed along the rough rapids of this fast flowing river.

Puihi- Only for the brave! Enter complete darkness before you burst into a funnel and propel into a zero-gravity drop.

Ohyah and Ohno- Two twisting drop slides that launch you up to 6-feet above the water as you shoot out of the slide.

Maku- A multi-passenger raft that will take you speeding around three saucer-shaped curves on North America’s first ever “saucer ride”.

Puka Uli Lagoon- A serene pool, ideal for a leisurely swim and lazing the day away.


Wave Village:


Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando Resort


Head to the base of Krakatau volcano to discover the perfect place to relax under the warm sun. Enjoy a peaceful swim in The Reef, a leisure pool that offers breath-taking views of the tropical surroundings and the daring riders attempting the Ko’okiri Body Plunge water slide. Waturi Beach provides private one or two-story cabanas for the ultimate luxurious experience. The water on the other hand isn’t so calm! Look out for the multi-directional wave pool that puts you up against rough choppy waters.


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