Krampus Revealed as the Latest Addition to Halloween Horror Nights

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Krampus Revealed as the Latest Addition to Halloween Horror Nights
Krampus is coming to town!
Prepare for the scariest Christmas ever as you witness the terrifying legend of Krampus come to life…

On Friday, the latest exciting announcement was made for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights spectacular. It was revealed that Christmas would come early this year with a haunted house based on the terrifying movie Krampus. Featuring the beast himself, guests will be able to get up close to the horrifying half-goat, half-demon Christmas legend if they dare! This year there will be no Christmas spirit as Krampus prowls the park in search of innocent guests to terrorise.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it tells the story of the Engel family as they gather together to celebrate the festive season. Tensions and constant family feuding cause them to lose their Christmas spirit, especially young Max who rips his letter to Santa into shreds. An old folklore tale, describes a chilling beast who punishes those who are bad at Christmas, condemning them to a terrible fate. As a blizzard ensues it’s clear something sinister is coming, but could an ancient legend really be true? What should be the most wonderful time of the year suddenly turns into something much more sinister when the deadly Krampus unleashes his wrath on them all!



This Halloween, at Universal Studios Florida, step inside the snow covered haunted house where the Engel family spent the holidays. Don’t be fooled by the sparkling lights and decorations, as this will definitely not be a happy Christmas. Krampus is lurking somewhere in the darkness waiting for you, and it’s only a matter of time before you encounter him! Be warned, he’s not alone, and you’ll have to face his menacing helpers too. Elves, gingerbread men, and teddy bears might look harmless, but inside this haunted house anything is possible and nothing is as it seems. You’ll have to escape from nail-gun wielding gingerbread men, teeth baring teddy bears, grisly creatures and petrifying beasts if you ever want to get out!

Those of you familiar with Krampus will recognise iconic scenes from the movie that have been created alongside Director Michael Dougherty, meaning the haunted house will appear as authentic as possible. Universal have also collaborated with Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures to combine the story and the movie and bring it to life in a terrifying walk through experience. As you make your way through each dark and eerie room, look out for familiar scenes as you try to avoid being the next soul that Krampus steals!


Krampus Halloween Horror Nights 2016


Krampus was only released last year, and he’s more than ready to make his debut at Halloween Horror Nights. With nothing like this seen at the park before, this is one fans really can’t miss! Get ready for something seriously scary, as Universal have already warned guests that “you’ll receive the most gruesome holiday gift ever”! In addition to Krampus, there will be a host of haunted houses dedicated to some of the scariest horror movies of all time, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, and Halloween, as well as the hit AMC series The Walking Dead.


Keep checking our blog to find out the latest additions to the Halloween Horror Nights 2016 line-up.

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