Meet the Mighty Kong this Summer

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Meet the Mighty Kong this Summer
Prepare for an adventure like no other!
King Kong is coming soon to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Find out all of the terrifying details…

Universal Orlando yesterday announced that guests will be able to come face to face with the legendary King Kong when their latest attraction Skull Island: Reign of Kong, opens later this summer! The exciting news means visitors will be able to get closer than ever before to the huge beast. The incredible new attraction will awaken your senses as you become immersed into a world reigned by Kong!

Even though there is still no opening date for the highly anticipated ride, the news that Kong will be making a grand appearance is sure to delight fans! As you get closer to the end of your dangerous journey, your worst fears are realised when you encounter Kong, towering above you. Universal Creative Mike West has promised that you can get so close to the beast that “you can feel his breath sweep across your skin and his thunderous roar reverberate through every bone in your body”. What remains unknown, is whether or not the King of the island is friend or foe!  Will he help you escape, or will you be his next victim?



The enormous Kong will be 3 storeys tall, with his head alone being bigger than an automobile! His broad shoulders will span 18-foot wide, making his huge frame even more daunting. You’ll also notice the distinctive scars all over his body from previous battles on the island, but how he got them remains a mystery. The mammoth animatronic figure will look incredibly realistic, leaving you on the edge of your seat from start to finish! “This is his world, and you’re at his mercy”!


Skull Island: Reign of Kong


You'll be able to discover an entirely new experience each time you ride, with 5 different eccentric guides leading the way. As soon as you embark on your expedition, feel the fear rise as you’re faced with rough jungle terrain and deadly ‘Unimaginable Creatures’! Everything on the island is out to get you, but there’s nowhere to hide. Escape from high speed dinosaur predators, lethal giant arachnids and deadly double-bladed beasts. As terrifying as they are, they’re no match for Kong!


Unimaginable Creatures Skull Island: Reign of Kong


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