Customised Lightsaber Experience Coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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Customised Lightsaber Experience Coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
Create your own Lightsaber at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!
Always dreamed of creating your very own Lightsaber? Well you’ll be able to do just that when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens later this year…

Star Wars fans are eagerly anticipating the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge- Disney’s largest ever single-themed expansion, and with the land set to open on 29th August this year, there’s not too long to wait. Disney have just shared more details on some of the amazing experiences guests will be able to enjoy in the new Star Wars land and it's made us more excited than before- and we didn’t think that was possible!

Disney have confirmed that at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you’ll be able to hand build your very own Lightsaber! That’s right, the land will feature a hidden workshop called ‘Savi’s Scrapyard’ where you’ll have to make an appointment to meet the Gatherers. These are a group of men and women who have dedicated their lives to “restoring balance in the Galaxy by passing on their knowledge of the Force and the ancient ways of the Jedi”. The Gatherers will be there to guide you as you create your own customised Lightsaber.

Like the name suggests, this workshop is owned by Savi who was one of the original Gatherers and is a friend of Lor San Tekka who featured briefly at the start of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Savi believed in the ideals of the Jedi Order and wanted to pass on his vast knowledge of the Jedi lore, so he created a salvage business as a front to hide his secret mission of guiding the next generation of “Force Wielders”.


Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge


If you’re ready to learn Savi’s knowledge, head over to Savi’s Scrapyard- when you spot a special symbol on the front of the workshop, you’ll know you’re in the right place. In order to get inside, you’ll have to provide a secret phrase to the Gatherers!

Once you get inside the workshop, you’ll see the builders surrounded by various, mysterious objects. These will later become key pieces in the building of your Lightsaber. In the centre of the room, there will be a large, oval-shaped builder’s table which has been assembled from ancient pieces that have been salvaged from across the Galaxy. Make sure you’ve got your camera at the ready as you’ll want to take some photos of your unique surroundings.


Star Wars Galaxy's Edge


Up to 14 guests will be able to create a unique Lightsaber at the same time and there are four different themes you can choose from:

Peace and Justice- These Lightsaber pieces have been salvaged from fallen Jedi temples and crashed star ships. They were created for Force wielders of the Republic era. The simple designs were created by the Jedi Order who were once the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy.

Power and Control- These pieces were originally made by the Sith of their time and were reclaimed from the ashes of the rumoured Sith homeworld and abandoned Sith temples. They represent the brutality and relentlessness of the Sith’s desire for power and control.

Elemental Nature- The Force is an energy field created by all living things and these Lightsaber pieces are born of that very same Force. They are as unique as the user and focus on elements of nature like the wood from a Brylark tree and the bone of the Cartusion whale.

Protection and Defence- These are the earliest Lightsaber pieces cultivated from a time long ago.  They feature designs and inscriptions that are shrouded in mystery and are believed to have been created for protection and defence.

What would you choose?


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be opening in two stages, with the first phase opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on 29th August 2019. Guests will be able to take control of the iconic Millennium Falcon space craft and explore the planet Batuu. Later in the year, a second Star Wars ride will be unveiled, that will put guests right in the middle of an exciting battle between the First Order and the Resistance.


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