How Well Do You Know Florida?

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How Well Do You Know Florida?
Take our quiz to find out!
You might have visited Florida before, but how well do you really know the US state? Take our quiz to find out whether you’ve got the knowledge of a local Floridian...

You may have visited Florida before or you might just see yourself as a bit of a trivia buff. Now you can put your knowledge to the test by having a go at our quiz about Florida.

If you’ve bought Disney theme park tickets in the past and visited the park before you should get at least one of the questions correct. So have a go at the quiz and then read on to find out some extra useful information about Florida from local bloggers.



Slang words used in Florida

Florida cracker

This slang word is often used to refer to local Floridians and Jacqueline Bodnar, who runs the Florida Family Nature blog, talks about the origin of the term.

“A Florida cracker is a term that is used. It is a word that comes from the old cattle days, where a long whip was used to keep the cattle moving. When it was snapped, it made a "crack" sound, which is where the term originated.”

Doing a stingray shuffle

If you see a stingray in the shallow coastal waters of Florida, then doing a stingray shuffle is worth remembering as it is a term used to describe the walk you need to do to avoid scaring the animals.

A stingray shuffle is essential when you enter the water. You shouldn’t lift your feet from the sandy bottom and instead should slide or shuffle them forward one at a time.

Katherine Fox, the blogger behind the travel and lifestyle blog The Weekend Fox, says, “Living on the coast, we spent a lot of my childhood boating and going to the islands. We were always told to do the ‘stingray shuffle’ when we walked the shallow waters of the island. This allows stingrays to know you're coming and they'll usually move right along”


We can already hear you asking what no-see-ums are? Jacqueline Bodnar, a naturalist in Florida, explains what they are. “Florida has ‘no-see-ums,’ which are tiny insects that bite that you can't see. When you are outdoors you can feel them biting you, but you can't see them!”


A blinker is what Floridians call the indicator on their car and if you’re driving remember it is located on the left side of your car’s steering wheel.


Other quirky facts about Florida

Staycations are popular amongst Floridians 

Florida has over 1,000 miles of coastline and more than 600 miles of beaches and when you factor in the world’s best theme parks like Universal Studios and Discovery Cove, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that staycations are popular.

Katherine Fox, says, “We experience a lot of "staycations" in Florida. Meaning, we don't have to go very far to hit all the best tourist attractions! It's not uncommon for us to spend a weekend at Disney World, even though it's less than 90 minutes away!”

Florida has Monkeys

Something else that you might have heard about is Florida’s monkeys, which according to Jacqueline, can be found at Silver Springs State Park.

“There are monkeys that live in the wild near Silver Springs State Park. They were let go decades ago in the area and have populated. At times they have been known to take over yards in the area there and intimidate visitors at the park.”

Popular Florida foods

Katherine Fox, who grew up near Daytona Beach, says there are two foods that are synonymous with the state. “Two foods come to mind with Florida - oranges and key lime pie! You can't visit Florida without trying some fresh squeeze orange juice and you'll never find a better key lime pie than the ones in Key West!”

A Florida thunderstorm

Florida’s thunderstorms are slightly different from your average one. Katherine Fox, adds, “What's different about a Florida thunderstorm? It usually lasts less than an hour and then the sun is shining again! We often remind tourists that the storm will pass quickly. In the summertime, a Florida thunderstorm will occur almost every day around 3:00 - 4:00pm.”

The sunshine state

Living up to its nickname as the Sunshine State, Florida boasts an average temperature of 26-29°C during the summer months and 11-20°C in the winter months.

Most populous city

Florida has the fourth highest population in the US behind California, Texas and New York and its major cities are also amongst the highest populated in the country.

According to the State of Florida website, Jacksonville has the highest population (over 800,000), followed by Miami (400,000 +) and Tampa (300,000 +).

Longest river in Florida

Florida has more than 11,000 miles of rivers, streams and waterways and the longest river in the state is St. Johns, standing at 273 miles.

Image Credit: Jenna Jacobs, Christine Siracusa.


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