Top 5 Savoury Snacks to Try at Walt Disney World

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Top 5 Savoury Snacks to Try at Walt Disney World
Must-try snacks at Walt Disney World!
With so many tasty snacks to choose from, we thought we’d narrow it down to just 5, to give you some food inspiration for your holiday…

1. Mickey Pretzels


Mickey Pretzels


Walt Disney World has plenty of Mickey-shaped snacks and we think that makes them taste even better! Mickey pretzels are perfect for a light bite in-between exploring the parks. These soft, salty pretzels are served warm. We’d recommend getting a helping of melted cheese on the side for dipping.

You’ll find lots of different pretzel varieties throughout the resort, including stuffed pepper jack, jalapeño cheese and cream cheese to name a few, but we have to admit the Mickey pretzel is a firm favourite for us.  


2. Corn Dog (and Corn Dog Nuggets!)


Corn dogs at Walt Disney World


Never heard of a corndog before? These snacks are hot dogs covered in batter, fried and served on a stick. You’ll be able to get these at the parks, but you can also get corn dog nuggets which are one of our favourites. These are miniature versions of the classic snack, served with either fries or apple slices on the side. Make sure you put these on your must-try list.


3. Chicken Waffle Sandwich


Chicken Waffle Sandwich at Walt Disney World


Waffle sandwiches were first introduced at Disneyland California. They were such a big hit that it wasn’t long before they made their way over to Walt Disney World. You can get several different fillings, but we’d always choose the chicken waffle sandwich. The crisp hot waffles are stuffed with fried chicken, creamy slaw and rocket. Perfect for a lunchtime snack!


4. Popcorn


Popcorn at Walt Disney World


When you’re walking around the Disney parks, you’ll often see people carrying huge popcorn tubs. While you might think of this as a sweet snack, we love Disney’s hot, salty popcorn. The best time to enjoy this tasty treat is whilst watching the incredible night-time fireworks show- Happily Ever After. Grab a box before the show begins and make sure you get that perfect viewing spot.


5. Turkey Leg


Turkey leg at Walt Disney World


This might not be for everyone, but turkey legs are an iconic Walt Disney World snack. Be warned, although we say ‘snack’ these are huge! The tender turkey legs are extremely popular with guests thanks to their mouth-watering BBQ flavour. In fact, they’re so popular that you’ll even find turkey leg merchandise throughout the parks. If you’re feeling hungry, this will definitely fill you up.


There are so many more amazing snacks to try, but these are just a few of our favourites. Make sure you discover yours during your visit!


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