Top 5 Snacks to Try at The Animal Kingdom

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Top 5 Snacks to Try at The Animal Kingdom
Let us inspire you with our mix of the best sweet and savoury snacks
Why not try some of these delicious treats for yourself on your visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom...

If you’re looking for a light bite as you make your way around the park, there’s plenty of tasty treats to choose from as well as some more unique options too.  

1. Mickey Mouse Pretzel

You simply can’t go wrong with this iconic treat, made even better by its Mickey Mouse shape. Ideal for snacking on as you walk around the park, these golden treats come in various flavours. If you’re feeling brave, why not try the jalapeño pretzel as a change from the classic. You can also buy plain pretzels here with an extra cup of creamy cheese, perfect for dipping!

Where to get it: Harambe Fruit Market, Africa

2. White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake

Image credit: Elizabeth Nerbonne

Kusafiri is well known for its cupcakes, but arguably none are more delicious than this white chocolate elephant cupcake. Sure to get everyone’s attention, this is more than just a cake, with a white chocolate elephant lollipop taking pride of place. Much bigger than it looks, the cupcake is sure to fill you up with its moist chocolate sponge, dreamy vanilla buttercream, and a generous sprinkling of toasted coconut on top. Some other snacks worth trying here are the huge chocolate brownie paws, cinnamon rolls and elephant ear pastries dipped in chocolate.

Where to get it: Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery, Africa

3. Jungle Juice Slushie

Image credit: easyWDW

Depending on where you go in the park, you can find different flavours of this Jungle Juice Slushie, including Shangri-La berry, mango and strawberry. What makes this juice even more exciting, is that it can be served in a musical tumbler, carved with images of some of the animals you’ll be visiting. The tumbler’s handle has holes and a mouthpiece, acting as a wind flute so that you can create your own tunes.  Better yet, you will be given instructions on how to play the music for two Disney favourites; ‘I just can’t wait to be King’ and ‘It’s a small world’!

Where to get it: Various locations 

4. Dole Whip with Dark Rum

Image credit: Martin Kelley

The Dole Whip is a firm favourite at Walt Disney World, but this one certainly has a twist (clue in the name!). Like the traditional version, the ice cream is soft serve and pineapple flavoured, with the extra addition of dark rum. After first appearing at the Epcot Flower & Garden show in 2013, it was so popular that it was introduced permanently to The Animal Kingdom. This refreshing snack is perfect for keeping cool in the sun. Only suitable for the grown-ups of course! Coconut rum flavoured Dole Whip drinks are also available here.

Where to get it: Tamu Tamu, Africa

5. Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana:

Another one great for snacking on as you make your way through the park. This frozen banana on a stick is coated in smooth chocolate and crumbled peanuts. Plain milk chocolate bananas are also available, to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fresh, tasty, and conceivably healthy, (it does contain banana!) these are extremely popular. Make like the monkey’s around you and share in the more chocolatey version of their beloved snack.

Where to get it: Various locations

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