Top Attractions Coming 2016!

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Top Attractions Coming 2016!
The best of the Orlando announcements this year…
It's going to be an exciting year in Orlando, with not one but FOUR amazing new rides coming to the Orlando parks. Read on to find out more.

Cobra’s Curse

The brand new family-friendly rollercoaster Cobra’s Curse, which was originally announced in May, is due to open at Busch Gardens Tampa in the summer of 2016. Although it’s being billed as a family-friendly ride (in contrast to the park’s last addition, Falcon’s Fury), the concept art indicates it will definitely provide a few scream-worthy moments! The ride will begin with the passenger cars being lifted vertically 70ft into the air before being dropped dramatically onto the Serengeti Plain before going to into a free spin determined by the weight distribution of the passengers. It’s one of the longest attractions you can ride at the park, lasting 3.5 minutes, so it will definitely be worth revisiting!


SeaWorld Orlando made one of the first announcements last year, when they leaked details of their brand new ‘hypercoaster’ through Instagram. When a photo was released by the official SeaWorld Instagram stating “73mph - ‘nothing faster’”, the news was out – the fastest rollercoaster in Orlando was coming to SeaWorld Orlando in the summer of 2016! The new shark-inspired MAKO coaster will be the fastest, tallest and longest of all our favourite attractions in Orlando. The ride’s designers describe the ‘relentless air time’ the new ride will offer visitors as it climbs to dizzying heights of 200ft in the air.

Reign of Kong

Reign of Kong

Another big announcement made in May involved one of the most iconic characters from Universal’s renowned history. King Kong is back and he’s bigger than ever in the new attraction ‘Skull Island: Reign of Kong’ at Universal’s Islands of Adventure! Wrap around 3D screens transport riders into the deepest darkest jungle of Skull Island, where visual tricks and revolutionary ride technology will make sure you feel as if you’re really there. Of course, everything is not as idyllic as it seems and the tour soon takes a deadly turn as the bus you’re on suddenly comes face to face with the big man himself in the terrifying darkness of Skull Island. Look out for announcements about this ride’s opening in summer this year.

Frozen Ever After

Listen up, Frozen fans…the long-awaited Frozen ride is coming to Disney’s Epcot, and soon! On the 1 May 2016, the Norway pavilion at Disney’s Epcot Park will be given a touch of Frozen sparkle, as it welcomes the brand new Frozen Ever After ride. The new ride will feature songs from the original Frozen film, as well as inspiration from Frozen Fever, the animated short. The ride will take place indoors and will take visitors on a trip around Arendelle, which is in the throes of celebrating the winter festival. Riders will get to meet Olaf, Sven, Anna and Kristoff before seeing Queen Elsa in her ice palace. Definitely one not to miss for the little Disney fans.

Rides Re-opening in 2016

Hulk Ride Orlando

Two of our favourite rides, The Hulk at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Soarin’ at Epcot will be reopened in the summer of the new year after extensive refurbishments. Both rides will have been closed for more than 8 months when they finally re-open. We’re very excited to see how these two iconic Orlando rides will come roaring back to life!

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Walt Disney World Tickets , Epcot , Universal Orlando Resort Tickets , Universal’s Islands of Adventure , SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment® , mabrostinuju , Orlando , New Attractions