Two Exciting New Attractions Coming to Epcot!

New Attractions
Two Exciting New Attractions Coming to Epcot!
Amazing new rides for Epcot
Disney have revealed two new attractions that will be opening at Epcot and we think you’ll love them both…

Epcot is about to get a whole lot bigger as Disney have just announced that the park will be welcoming not just one, but two new attractions inspired by popular movies! Ratatouille and Guardians of the Galaxy will be brought to life at the park with an action-packed ride and a 4D adventure. If you’re a fan, keep reading, we’ve got everything you need to know…



A new attraction themed on the popular movie Ratatouille, is set to expand the France pavilion in World Showcase. It will be similar to the 4D attraction ‘Ratatouille: The Adventure’ that opened in the Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris, back in 2014. Disney haven’t revealed too many details of the new ride, but we do know that you’ll be able to shrink down to the size of loveable rat Remy (the star of Ratatouille).

Prepare for an exciting chase through the kitchen of Gusteau’s legendary Parisian restaurant and take in the sights, sounds and smells along the way. You’ll have to be quick to escape Chef Skinner and scurry to safety if you want to make it out in one piece!

Check out the video below of the Ratatouille ride at Disneyland Paris for an idea of what you can expect...



Guardians of the Galaxy:


Guardians of the Galaxy Ride at Walt Disney World


The original vision of Epcot’s Future World, was to be a place where guests could experience the excitement of space travel. So, Guardians of the Galaxy is the perfect fit for a new attraction in the area. Earlier this year, a Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired ride opened at the Disneyland California adventure park and fans of the movies will be thrilled to learn that Orlando will now be getting its very own Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT! ride.

Mission: BREAKOUT! replaced California’s popular Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride, but as this new attraction is opening at Disney’s Epcot park, you won’t have to worry about saying goodbye to the Tower of Terror anytime soon in Orlando! This incredible ride will immerse you into the universe of the Guardians and take you on an adventure that really is out of this world!


Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Walt Disney World Resort


Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT! in California is an exhilarating drop ride suitable for the most adventurous thrill seekers. If you’re feeling brave, enter the eerie fortress where the Collector (aka Taneleer Tivan) keeps all of his weird and wonderful objects. Once you’re deep inside, you’ll come across his latest acquisitions- the Guardians of the Galaxy! He’s keeping the gang captive in clear display cases suspended over a dark abyss and it’s your job to help save them alongside the mischievous Rocket Raccoon.

As well as big thrills and a terrifying free-fall sensation, you can expect great music thanks to Star Lord’s mixtape tunes blasting through the speakers. If the California version of this Guardians-inspired ride is anything to go by, we’ve already got high hopes for the new addition coming to Walt Disney World. The artist renderings show Groot, Gamora and Rocket, so we've got our fingers crossed for some meet and greet experiences with the characters. From the looks of it, Peter Quill has already visited Epcot, so we're sure you'll be able to find him somewhere too. 


Guardians of the Galaxy Ride at Walt Disney World


There isn’t an official opening date for the new attractions yet, but Disney have confirmed that they will both be open in time for the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort in 2021. For all the latest news on Disney’s newest additions, keep checking our blog.


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