8 Reasons for Adults to Love Disneyland Paris

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8 Reasons for Adults to Love Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris isn’t just for kids!
The Disney magic can be enjoyed at any age! Check out our top reasons why adults should love Disneyland Paris too…

1. The mouth-watering French cuisine


Bistrot Chez Remy Disneyland Paris


While there are lots of tasty snacks that you’ll want to pick up throughout the park, there’s also plenty of opportunity to indulge in a bit of fine dining. For adults, we’d recommend Bistrot Chez Rémy, a themed Parisian bistro where everything is supersized to make you feel like the lovable Rémy from Disney's Ratatouille. What’s on the menu? You can expect fresh salads to start, tender grilled beef, roasted cod and of course Ratatouille for the main, followed by rich chocolate mousse, tiramisu and a delicious chocolate cake with crème anglaise for dessert.


2. The bars


Disneyland Paris Bars


The Disney Village is a stretch of restaurants and bars that make for a great night out right next to the Disney parks. Head to the American-style Sports Bar to catch all of the action on the big screen and grab a hot dog and a pint of beer. Planet Hollywood offers great tasting cocktails like the Blue Lagoon, Terminator and Cool Runnings, and they even have a happy hour which means double the fun! If cocktails are your thing, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Disney’s New York City Bar.


3. You get to see your favourite childhood movies come to life


Disneyland Paris Parade


Growing up, everyone had a favourite Disney movie, and at Disneyland Paris you get to see the best-loved characters bring those iconic moments to life all over again! There’s nothing like meeting the characters you grew up adoring, and even if you’re an adult we guarantee you’ll get into the spirit and be taking photos with your favourites in no time. Enjoy special meet and greet sessions and make sure you’ve got your autograph book with you! Relive your childhood memories at a variety of spectacular shows and the daily parade.


4. The big thrill rides


Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris


Once you’ve tried some of the thrilling rides at Disneyland Paris, you’ll realise that this isn’t just a theme park for kids. Discover action-packed adventures on the exhilarating attractions at both parks. At Walt Disney Studios park, our top picks for thrill-seekers are the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror which launches you 13-storeys into the air in a haunted hotel lift before plummeting back down again in total darkness, and Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster starring Aerosmith that features twists, turns and of course rock music, as well as reaching speeds of up to 100km per hour in just 3 seconds! Try the enhanced Space Mountain: Mission 2 at the Disneyland Park which catapults you into outer space at lightning speed.


5. You’re in the city of love


Eiffel Tower Paris


Where better to enjoy a romantic weekend break than the city of love? If you’re visiting with your partner, remember that you’re not too far from the city’s most iconic attractions, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Arc De Triomphe. Spend some time exploring the heart of Paris, stroll along the River Seine, admire the beautiful architecture and find a cosy restaurant for a delicious French meal.


6. The dazzling fireworks display


Disneyland Paris Fireworks Display


If you’ve never witnessed a Disney fireworks display, you’ve been missing out! Sure to be one of the most spectacular displays you’ve ever seen, this mesmerising night-time show will have a place in your heart forever. As bursts of colour illuminate the night sky, Peter Pan leaps through the air starting the show. You’ll see some of your favourite Disney characters projected onto the castle as fountains shoot water into the air and classic Disney hits echo across the park. You better get your “oohs” and “ahhs” ready! 


7. The incredible castle


Disneyland Paris Castle


No matter how old you are, it’s impossible not to get excited when you see Sleeping Beauty’s incredible castle. This is the perfect place to snap a selfie and let your friends know that you’re living the fairy-tale. Located at the bottom of Main Street USA, the enchanting icon of Disneyland Paris stands at an impressive 167-foot tall! If you really want to get into the spirit, pick up some Minnie Mouse ears for that picture perfect moment.


8. The luxury hotels


Disneyland Paris Disneyland Hotel

There are plenty of amazing Disney hotels to choose from, but if you want to be right on the doorstep of the park, just a few feet away from the magic, the Disneyland Hotel is the place to stay. The Victorian-inspired hotel offers guests the ultimate luxury experience. Take a dip in the pool, unwind in the sauna or treat yourself at the spa. Staying in a Disney hotel also means you’ll be able to benefit from up to two hours extra in the parks each day!


Need more persuading? (We didn’t think so!) You can never be too old to enjoy the Disney magic, and there really is nothing else like it! Click here, to view our range of Disneyland Paris tickets.

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