Eating Out in Paris

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Eating Out in Paris
Here we take you through some of the best eateries in Paris
Paris is regarded as the capital of gastronomy and here we take you through some of the best eateries in the French capital...

Paris is known as the world’s capital of gastronomy and it shouldn’t come as a surprise as the French capital has a plethora of haute-cuisine cafes, bistros and wine bars.

If you’re planning a trip to this romantic city and have bought Disneyland Paris tickets for the family, then you need to read our guide to find out the best eateries you can visit in the city after your time at the theme park.


LAZARE Restaurant


Lazare Restaurant


Located in Saint Lazare station, LAZARE is a very convivial and family-friendly restaurant that serves traditional and typical French cuisine, which is highly representative of Paris’ gastronomy.

LAZARE is famous for its “saucisse purée” (pork sausage and mash potatoes) with the dish being renowned as the best of its kind in the city.

What’s more, every Sunday, you don’t have brunch, but “Les déjeuners de Grands mères” or Granny’s Lunch, a menu to share just like you’d find at your Granny’s!

LAZARE’s menu suits everyone’s fancy with a variety of gourmet dishes available throughout the day.


58 Tour Eiffel


58 Tour Eiffel


If you are looking to visit the Eiffel Tower, then a great way to visit it is by enjoying dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel, located 57 metres above the ground on the first floor.

Naturally the restaurant boasts some of the very best views across the Parisian skyline and is great for diners to gaze over this magnificent city.

Tickets for 58 Tour Eiffel are available and if you are looking to dine here after nightfall then you are in luck as the restaurant becomes an elegant brasserie that boasts a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

The delicious dishes include cream of mushroom soup with ricotta and herbed croutons, griddled salmon steak with creamy pistachio polenta and tomato butter, large pasta shells with chorizo cream sauce, sunblush tomatoes and taggiasca olive pieces and a host of other tasty dishes as well.


Septime La Cave


Septime La Cave


Septime is a restaurant that was born from an idea by Bertrand Grébaut et Théo Pourriat in an attempt to keep up with the overgrowing demand for eateries with a casual and chic environment.

If you dip your fork into the menu on any given day you will find the food is simple and modern, while still retaining a traditional element, with Turbot being paired with Brussels sprouts, bacon and a sauce of mushrooms from Paris.

In a short space of time owner and chef Bertrand Grebaut has quickly come to be recognised among such luminaries as L’Astrance’s Pascal Barbot as the future of French cooking.

Visiting this tiny little wine bar on rue de Charonne is a must.


Les Infants Rouges


Les Infants Rouges


Les Enfants Rouges is beautifully nestled in the heart of the rue de Beauce district and this bistro serves traditional French dishes with a Japanese flavour.

The Japanese inspiration comes from the Japanese chefs Daï Shinozuka, formerly with Yves Camdeborde at Le Relais du Comptoir, and his wife.

Some of their most popular dishes include seasoned salmon with stewed oxtail and steak with shallots and potato purée.

The restaurant’s reputation has already gotten out so it is wise to book ahead if you’re planning on bringing the family to Les Infants Rouges.





For more than 80 years, Allard has been regarded as one of the best and last true gourmet bistros in Paris.

Perfectly located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the restaurant is still filled with the spirit of Marthe Allard, who founded the bistro in 1932.

This spirit is still evident in today’s menu as its traditional cuisine has been influenced by the founders Burgundy origins.

Speciality dishes that are synonymous with Allard and still appear on the current menu include Frogs Legs, Challand Duck with olives, Sole Meunière or roast Bresse chicken and Snails in their Shells.

Diners wanting to try other international dishes will not be disappointed as they can try Grilled red label Scottish Salmon with béarnaise sauce; fondant beef cheek with carrots; floating island vanilla-flavoured rum Savarin and whipped cream; Rhubarb and strawberries with almond ice cream and lots more delicious dishes.


Georges Restaurant


Georges Restaurant


Georges Restaurant (or Le Georges as the locals call it) is the jewel of the Beaumarly group’s crown. The group own a number of cafes, brasseries and restaurants across Paris, but Georges is much more than just a great Paris restaurant - it is an experience.

Located on the sixth floor of the Pompidou Centre, an impressive building in the Beaubourg area that also houses Paris’ Public Information Library, offers guests a unique view of Paris’ skyline and the iconic Eiffel Tower.

The restaurant isn’t just an ideal location to spend an unforgettable night under Parisian skies, as it also serves some award-winning food.

Starters range from Butternut Soup and Shrimp Tempuras to Lobster Salad and six French oysters from Joel Dupuch, whilst main courses include choices from Signature Beef Fillet and Peking Duck to Steamed Bio Salmon and Chicken Breast, Curry and Mango Chutney.

Desserts at the popular restaurant are highly recommended and choices include Strawberry Rhubarb pie, Georges Rhum Baba, Strawberry and Vanilla gelato and lemon tartlet.


Chez Marie Louise

This tiny bistro has a big reputation as Chez Marie Louise can often be found absolutely full of locals and other visitors.

The bistro, located on Canal St-Martin, is famed for its quality ingredients and meal preparation. If you’re heading here for dinner you can expect cod with aioli, pigeon or boudin noir, while for lunch there is a set daily menu.

While you wait for your delicious meal, you are sure to notice the décor. A casual combination of the retro and the modern, this coupled with the relaxed atmosphere leaves the diner feeling as relaxed as if they were dining at a friend’s house as opposed to the stifling chic upscale Paris restaurant.


Le Jules Verne Restaurant


Le Jules Verne Restaurant


Le Jules Verne Restaurant, arguably one of Paris most famous eateries, serves contemporary French cuisine at the heart of the Eiffel Tower.

The fact that Le Jules Verne Restaurant is located on the second floor of the iconic Eiffel Tower should be a big enough reason to visit this world-renowned restaurant, but the cuisine is also some of the best in the whole of Paris.

The restaurant has a lunch and dinner menu where diners can choose from a five-course or six-course meal. The menu at Le Jules Verne Restaurant consists of options like Marinated line-caught sea bream with marjoram condiment, Jaune des Landes chicken and wild mushroom fricassee and Seared sea bass with braised leeks and gold caviar.



Another menu that was devised by Eric Frechon is at MiniPalais and this brasserie, which is popular with Parisians, mixes classic and contemporary dishes.

Squid pil, curried prawns, steak tartare, and a range of gourmet snacks are all on the menu, but whilst the food will get your taste buds going the fact that the brasserie is set inside the belle époque Grand Palais will also blow your mind as the dining room is spectacular to say the least.


La Truffière


La Truffière


La Truffière may not be as well-known as some of the other restaurants on this list but it quietly produces some classical French cuisine.

Set in an old inn, La Truffière is not too far away from Rue Mouffetard and although the setting is quaint it is the food that grabs the headlines with its wild duck and trout dishes some of the best you will find anywhere in the French capital.

La Truffière also has a huge choice of wines available to guests and a famed special white truffle menu.


Ze Kitchen Galerie


Ze Kitchen Galerie


A gourmet restaurant that has been making serious waves in the foodie scene as Chef William Ledeuil has created a distinctive Franco-Asian menu.

Examples of this include marrying Lozère lamb and French fish with Asian herbs and condiments, like wasabi and Thai basil. Many dishes also use raw or plancha-grilled preparations with the likes of scallops served with bergamot.

Another unique aspect of this restaurant is the fact that you can watch the chefs preparing your meal in the open kitchen, while the actual dining area is located in a loft-like space.

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