5 Bars You Have to Visit in Rome

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5 Bars You Have to Visit in Rome
Relax in Rome
Discover the nightlife in Rome with a visit to these unique bars…

Planning a visit to Rome? These 5 bars will give you some inspiration for the best places to unwind after a long day of sightseeing in the city; drink in hand!


The Jerry Thomas Project:


The Jerry Thomas Project


Named in honour of the famous ‘Bartenders Guide’ author, The Jerry Thomas Project specialises in cocktails inspired by this renowned drinks recipe book. Dedicated to mixing incredible cocktails with the highest quality ingredients, this bar is definitely worth a visit for any cocktail enthusiast. Designed to reflect the vibe of an old speakeasy, this small bar is so exclusive that you need a password to get in!

If you’re planning a visit, check the website before to find the question you will have to answer upon arrival. This dimly-lit mysterious bar has a relaxed atmosphere, rich décor and cosy size (it can only fit around 40 people) that will instantly make you feel comfortable. Open until 4am, it’s the kind of place where you pull up a chair and stay for hours!


Bar Del Fico:


Bar Del Fico Rome


Bar Del Fico is the place to be! Popular with the locals and a younger crowd on the weekend, this fun bar even has a stage hosting circus shows and performances. A fashionable nightspot with shabby chic décor, serving beer, wine and refreshing fruity cocktails. If you visit for a quiet Italian lunch in the day, you’ll often find locals relaxing and playing chess under the fig tree outside. As night falls the bar is transformed and you can experience the lively night-time ambience. If you’re in time for happy hour, you’ll even be given some complimentary snacks on the side (tasty mini pizzas). Discover the artwork and spectacular evening shows at this charismatic bar.


Cul de Sac:


Cul de Sac Rome


Located just off Piazza Navona, this is the perfect bar if wine is your drink of choice. Hundreds of bottles line the walls, and the menu is extensive. If you’re not sure what to try, the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and are great at offering recommendations. The prices are reasonable and the quality superb! Cul de Sac also serves deliciously authentic Italian cuisine; why not try a different wine with each course? The bar is small and cosy, and with a 1500 strong wine catalogue to choose from, it’s a must stop for any wine-lover.


Jonathan’s Angels:


Jonathan's Angels Rome


Jonathan’s Angels is a great hidden gem. Its eccentric and some might say kitsch décor makes it stand out from the rest. Posters are plastered on the walls in a collage style alongside graffiti left behind by the guests. The friendly atmosphere makes this a great place to get chatting, especially with the owner who is on hand to welcome guests. If you’ve already heard of Jonathan’s, you’ve probably heard of the outlandish bathrooms! Make sure you visit them and toss a coin into the marble fountains. An elaborate bar serving wine, beer and exotic cocktails with great music, unique artwork, and even a tarot card reader on the weekends.


Ice Club:


Ice Club Rome


If you’re looking for a more unique experience head to the Ice Club, just a short walk away from the Colosseum. The entry price is €15 and includes a complimentary vodka cocktail served in a glass made from ice! Look around, and everything you see is entirely made of ice, order your drinks from an ice bar, sit on an ice chair and admire stunning ice sculptures.

You’ll be given a thermal cape and mittens as you arrive to protect you from sub-zero temperatures of -5 degrees! The record for the longest amount of time spent in this frosty bar is held by a Russian who managed to last 4 hours! Drinks are reasonably priced and the bartenders are fun and friendly. Top tip: pick up a tourist map to get a coupon for an additional free drink.


If you’re really looking to indulge in the city’s fine wine and delectable cuisine, why not add a tasting tour to your visit. Whether its wine, cheese or pizza, click here to view our range of tours that are ideal for foodies!

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