The Best Attractions at Siam Park for Families

The Best Attractions at Siam Park for Families
Enjoy Europe’s best water park with all your family members.
Siam Park is a great place to take your kids when on holiday in Tenerife. Here’s our pick of the best attractions for families to enjoy.

A visit to a water park is always one of the highlights of any family holiday, and Siam Park in Tenerife is no exception. As well as the usual thrill rides for those adrenaline junkies, there is also a great selection of attractions geared towards families and younger guests. You’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy the park together as a family, making it a memorable part of your vacation. 


Jungle Snake

Expect lots of spectacular views in this tropical themed water slide, which allows riders to whizz down in a float by themselves or as a pair. There are four journeys to pick from in Jungle Snake, and each offers a different view, meaning this is definitely one to experience more than once. Immerse yourself in the adventure of submerged and open flumes, perfect for all members of the family.
Minimum height - 1,10/1,25m


Jungle snake at siam park


The Lost City

The Lost City is a specially dedicated area for children, where they can enjoy playing among the multiple towers, bridges, nets, cascades and 15 water slides! The play area also features the only pool designed for babies on the whole of the Canary Islands. Sit back, relax, and know that your little ones are having fun and staying safe.



The Lost City at Siam Park


The Wave Palace 

Siam Park is famed for its fantastic wave pool, and rightly so - the pool produces the biggest artificial waves in the world! Let the surf crash over you as the three-metre waves form, or paddle at the edges on the beautiful white sands. The water is also kept at a blissful 24C all year round - perfection!


Wave Palace at Siam Park


The Giant

Embark into a universe of fantasy and legendary adventure as you slide through the funnel of The Giant. Enjoyed by children and adults alike, you first go on an epic tunnel ride before emerging into one of two giant bowls, twisting round and round until you drop into the landing pool. While it may not look like the most ‘family friendly’ ride (especially from above), The Giant is actually an enjoyable attraction that your brave little ones will want to have a go on.
Minimum Height - 1,25m


The Giant at Siam Park


Naga Racer 

Fancy a bit of healthy competition among your family members? The Naga Racer is the place for you. Grab a mat and head to one of the six adjacent slides, and prepare to race headfirst down into the splash pool. Ideal for competitive families!Minimum height - 1,10m


Naga Racer at Siam Park



In a fantastic addition to the park, Sawasdee offers smaller versions of all the favourite adult attractions in this exclusive area. Little ones can unleash their energy in specially adapted slides, and adults can rest assured that everything is suitable for their kids. Result!


Sawasdee at Siam Park


As you can see, Siam Park is a great fun-filled attraction to bring your kids to, and somewhere that the whole family can enjoy. 

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