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I am writing today to give you information on universal studios based in Orlando. To give you some experienced knowledge from the view of a 15 year old, an insight into the whole place and how to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent.

​I was lucky enough to visit universal studios last year and just to explain it in the smallest of detail, it is absolutely amazing.

My Experience

From my experience I can say that they have got everything there spot on. Every ride is completely unique. The food is good, the grounds are safe and everything works efficiently.

One slight problem is the length of Queues and wait times. But when you put that into perspective it really is worth the wait for every ride.

The rides are the most realistic you will get on the planet, they engulf you into some of the world’s most famous movies. They will give you so may thrills and leave you fully satisfied. I’m sure no customer has every been let down.

One negative that I do have to say about Universal Studios Orlando is that the line wait time often seems way too long. When i was there i queued for 1.5hours – 2.5 hours just for one ride depending on the popularity. It seems a slight pain at the time but after the ride you wont regret the wait. The rides at Universal offer a very unique, breathtaking experience.

At this theme park they have a wide range of different types of rides to meet the demand of preferred movie of everyone’s opinion. They also have lots of refreshment areas located around the site so food and drink are easily accessible.

The most popular rides at universal orlando would be –  E.T. adventure

                                                                                         The Simpsons ride

                                                                                         Hollywood rip ride rockit

                                                                                         Revenge of the mummy – the ride

                                                                                         Harry potter and the escape from the gringotts

Other opinions on people who have been

Reviews on the internet show that the rides never disappoint anyone and can even bring adults back to when they were kids remembering old movies being made into motion rides today. It is a great way for grownups to show their kids what they used to be into when they were their ages.

Planning and organisation

Planning and organisation are also needed for this trip to universal because with the right planning you can pack the most fun activities you can into your day making sure that this is a trip to never forget.

it opens at 9:00am and closes at 10:00pm, that may seem like a long time but it’s actually not because there is so much to do. Plus the waiting times are quite significant, so you are not going to have as long as you may think to get everything done that you would like.

You need to plan ahead for your trip and try and get there for at the latest 8:45 so you can get parking and be first in line. Once you are in early the wait times for the rides are less; so go to the one you want to try most. So that you save possibly having to wait up to 3 hours later on in the day.

If possible try and research what the most busy days and times are and try and avoid them so you have more of a chance of doing everything you want to do.

If there are busy periods in the day then you can do something else like going and getting something to eat so you can maybe decrease the amount of time you have to wait for your ride.

Prices and tickets

A one day adult ticket for universal studios florida would cost $115.00 and a child $110.00.

A five day ticket for an adult would cost $244.99 and a child $234.99. But If you use 365tickets.com they offer loads of exclusive deals and you can save so much more money with them. 365 offer a 14 day 2 park ticket for only $10 more than Universal’s 5 day adult 1 park ticket.

You get far more fun for a tiny bit more money. The opportunities for Ride’s and fun are increased tenfold. You get triple the amount of time and double the amount of Ride’s.


Overall I think that you should visit universal studios in Florida because it is a brilliant time for the whole family. You will never be bored and you can have fun at a cheaper price. Making your experience all the better knowing that you got it at the best price you could with 365 tickets.

Family Travel , Travel Tips , USA

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