Yeti-themed house announced for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Yeti-themed house announced for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2019
Feel the chill!
"Yeti: Terrors of the Yukon" has been announced for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2019, and visitors will have to run for their lives from the terrifying Yeti monster...

This latest house comes from the same nighmarish minds that came up with Attack of the Swamp Yeti in 2018's house, Slaughter Sinema, so you know it’s going to be absolutely horrifying!

To truly immerse yourself in the sheer terror of this new haunted maze, it’s important to know the backstory. Set in the remote tundra of the Yukon, a group of unfortunate souls seek shelter from the dangers of the outside world. Sadly, the weary loggers and trappers have underestimated what else lurks outside in the cold, in a brutal territory which is guaranteed to haunt their nightmares (if they make it to sleep that is). Outside, the terrifying Yeti creature lurks, waiting to turn the white snow red with their blood.

Stumbling across a logging camp, the lost souls believe that they are saved...but that’s before they spot the frozen screams etched on the bodies strewn around the camp. Blood and gore streaks across the walls and floorboards - the monstrous Yeti spares no one.  

Entering into the haunted maze, you’ll explore a labyrinth of deserted caves leading to a land that has been deserted for hundreds of humans, that is. You’re in Yeti territory now, and if the cold doesn’t get you, the Yeti certainly will.   

This year's Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Orlando is set to be bigger and better with a number of exciting different haunted houses and scare zones. Halloween Horror Nights returns to Universal Studios Florida on select nights from Sept. 6 – Nov. 2. We can't wait!

To find out more about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event, click here.

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